As lawyers, documents live at the heart of what you do. Documents sit at the intersection between your processes, your outcomes, and your client’s satisfaction. Before now, all solutions have been siloed.  At best, your CRM, your data, and your documents were different tools, poorly connected through slow APIs. Nobody has built a system the way lawyers really work—seamlessly between data and docs. Today I am pleased to announce that has changed. Filevine has acquired Outlaw, the most innovative contract and document platform on the market. 

By merging our legal technology platform with their best in class document/contract technology, we become the only solution on the market where your legal work isn’t siloed between a poorly connected flotilla of products, but instead, your work, your docs, and your data work together in one legaltech platform. No more shuffling from system to system, software to software. With the union of our two technologies, you can customize your software just how you would like it, for your workflows, documents, and processes. This applies to all lawyers, both in private practice or in corporate settings. 

For those who work as part of corporations, you know how painful the process can be to manage contracts. Whether you are negotiating sales contracts, having permissions controls, or just building workflows, you spend more of your time on busywork than real work. By merging your project data with your documents data/templates, you’ll now be able to standardize and automate your work and save huge amounts of time. Simply put, Filevine + Outlaw = Time.  Deals closing quicker, documents drafted in one-click,  and money saved. 

The entire Outlaw team is staying on and we are so excited to have them here. The two cofounders, Evan and Dan, will be reporting directly to me. I view the merging and acceleration of our two platforms as some of my highest priorities. A special thanks to the two of them for trusting us and joining the team.

We have some of the smartest and most fiercely intelligent customers on the planet. I can’t wait to get this software in your hands to see what you all will do with it.

Best Regards,

Ryan Anderson, CEO


Voted G2’s #1 Momentum Leader for contract management, Outlaw provides pioneering end-to-end contracting solutions for the fastest growing companies. From dynamic template-based generation through in-app negotiation, lifecycle management and reporting, Outlaw automates and customizes contract workflows helping companies reach agreement faster. Outlaw is powered by the first-ever no-code template authoring system, resulting in agile contracts that seamlessly connect with your business processes, workflows, and people.

Outlaw was founded in 2017 by Evan Schneyer, CEO, and Dan Dalzotto, CPO, out of a common frustration of using traditional contracting tools to close deals. An ex-Googler and a serial entrepreneur, Evan understood that legacy software treated contracts as static documents, essentially they were the wrong tool for the job. Instead he saw contracts as living, breathing entities that could be decoded into structured bits of data unlocking the value of contracts. While Dan, a UX veteran, who created digital products for brands like IDEO, Google, and the NBA, saw contracts as “the most intimidating part of doing business with someone” and stressed the importance of human-centered design to accelerate agreement. With these principles, Evan and Dan set out to build the right tool for the job—Outlaw. 

Outlaw has been recognized as a legal technology leader in 2020 by the National Law Journal. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Outlaw is trusted by the world’s most innovative companies including Intrado, Beyond Pricing, and Democracy International. More information can be found at

Outlaw and Filevine share a vision that the future of legal work means better collaboration, better communication, better connection. Apart, both companies have been dedicated in building the right tools to radically improve the way teams everywhere gain value from their documents, databases, and contracts. With the areas of legal work quickly expanding, it has become critical for legal tech to evolve. Now together, Filevine and Outlaw becomes the first and only end-to-end solution that encompasses all legal work providing a better, highly connected experience for teams everywhere

By merging Filevine’s premier legal technology platform with Outlaw's best-in-class contract and document editing technology, you can customize your software just how you would like it, for your legal workflows, documents, and business processes, end-to-end. Through flexible automations and integrations, legal work gets finished, instantly—finally, letting legal be a driver of value and not costs. 

Filevine CEO Ryan Anderson said, “When we started to investigate the Contract Management space, it was obvious that Outlaw was the breakout product on the market. From their easy-to-use workflows and powerful customization for complex documents, they were simply a cut above. By bringing them under the Filevine umbrella, we will help all legal practitioners, whether in the corporate or private practice setting, focus on results rather than dealing with busywork.”

Filevine customers will continue to receive the best legal technology and services available through Filevine. Filevine and Outlaw will be introducing seamless integrations between the two systems resulting in your documents, databases, and contracts merged together for high collaboration and customizations. Access to Outlaw will be available to purchase as an additional cost for Filevine customers.

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