When we started Filevine, our company wasn’t the result of MBAs evaluating market data, or Silicon Valley technologists looking to disrupt an industry. Instead, it was born from our own frustrations practicing law and experiencing firsthand the procedure-enforced drudgery of being a lawyer. Whether our tools were built by hobbling together six different systems or using an existing software product that forced us to work their way (and always in-office), there was nothing on the market that actually allowed us to serve our clients in our way.

So—we set out to build Filevine. We had the vision of making a tool that allowed our users to focus on real work and automate busy work.

Not to be overly aggrandizing, but we have done it. Our software is the most powerful, most customizable tool on the market. Over 3,000 legal teams ranging from some of the biggest law firms in the country in Defense, Personal-Injury, Corporate Law, and virtually every other practice area, all use Filevine and/or Outlaw. Our software empowers legal teams in every aspect of their work from Case Management, E-Signature, Document Management, and Client Communication, to literally dozens of other capabilities. It rules.

To continue to build out this vision, I am proud to announce that we have raised $108M in new capital from StepStone Group, Golub Capital, Signal Peak Ventures, and Meritech to double down on legal work. The funds will be used for the typical stuff—sales, marketing, etc. But it will also be used to make the software even more useful for legal professionals. We have some incredibly exciting ideas about what to build over the next two years; to get it to you sooner, we are going to continue to build out our engineering and product teams.

We have also brought on two new leaders to help us keep up with this next phase of growth. Scott Brown joins us as our new CTO. Bringing a proven track record of product innovation and revenue growth, Scott joins our team after more than 15 years of designing, developing, and implementing innovative, customer-focused software platforms. He most recently served as Chief Technology Officer at Integrate, a SaaS marketing technology provider, where he architected platform improvements resulting in a 4x increase in scale while delivering enterprise-level platform availability. Prior to that, Scott held engineering leadership roles at OVH US; iCitizen; Media Temple, a GoDaddy Company; and GoDaddy. He will be focused on making sure that Filevine is more powerful and faster than ever.

We are also excited to welcome Ian Charles as our new CFO. He brings over 25 years of experience in public markets, mergers and acquisitions, and multinational operations, including supporting multiple companies through successful IPOs and five follow-on equity offerings. His focus will be on making sure that our organization is structured to best support our customers.

Both of them are incredibly excited to work with us to make our customers’ lives better.

And really, that is what it all comes down to—you, our customers. We think that legal work is only going to expand in volume and importance over time. You deserve software that is built with you in mind. We, the employees of Filevine, almost 500 of us, are deeply committed to building a future where legal work can be delightful.

We do need to give a special thanks to our employees. The last two years have been incredibly challenging for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. Through the craziness of the last few years, our employees have stepped up in a major way. Thank you for all your sacrifices—this milestone wouldn’t be possible without you.

Ryan Anderson, CEO

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