In the pursuit of new clients, we often forget how important our loyal and existing clients are.

It’s important to show your appreciation. We want to express our gratitude to our clients, and we want our companies to be at the top of their minds. Why? Clients who feel taken care of and appreciated are more likely to refer your firm to their friends, family and community members. Plus, if they have more legal issues, they are more likely to return to you for help.

You’ve probably received a client appreciation gift – maybe a customized stress ball, or a tin of crackers. Those might be nice, but these days, client appreciation gifts can be anything! Get creative, go wild! Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to show your appreciation. You can find great gifts for your clients that are both meaningful and budget-friendly. Research from Stanford University shows that, when it comes to gift-giving, it’s not the price tag, but the thought that counts.

Each expression of gratitude should be relevant to your business and your client; personalized, noticeable and sincere. Think carefully about what gifts will be truly memorable, what will show your appreciation and also promote your firm.

1) Host a client appreciation event

  • Choose a simple theme and have fun with it. You can have a BBQ at the park or host a casino night; cater to your clients and think about what would be the most enjoyable.
  • Make sure it’s family friendly and kid inclusive.
  • Eat with your clients; have a delicious meal at your event and take the time to sit down, eat and talk.
  • This should be a fun, relaxing time for you and your clients to engage outside of work, so mingle with clients and talk about their lives, interests, families, etc.

2) Handwritten notes

Handwritten notes are rare these days. Writing notes to clients is a small, personal touch that can go a long way.

  • Include handwritten notes with appreciation gifts to clients.
  • Send after a meeting, lunch, or coffee.
  • Express your appreciation for their time, their business, wish them well.

3) Treats

Who doesn’t love treats?

  • Get creative! Use a service like Parker’s Crazy Cookies to send your clients cookies that look like you, or that are your firm’s logo.
  • Send treats to their home or work. Sending treats to your client’s work is promotional; your client gets to share their treats and talk about how great your firm is.
  • What does your client like? Send Edible Arrangements, brownies, bacon, cheeses, coffee, or other goodies.

4) Knowledge

Share the gift of education with your clients. Pick topics that focus on your client’s interests or situation.

  • Seminars, classes or conferences.
  • Books, films, subscriptions to news or magazines.
  • Blogs, Vlogs, or other online publications.

5) Honor achievements and celebrations

Send gifts and/or cards for events like

  • Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or new business ventures.

6) Seasonal gifts

  • Holidays; don’t assume that all your clients celebrate the same holidays, be thoughtful and specific when sending out these gifts.
  • Spring/Summer: sunscreen, flipflops, beach towels, lemonade, water bottles, s’more kits.
  • Fall/Winter: back to school gifts, hand sanitizer, hot chocolate, window wipers, socks, coffee mugs, or new year calendars.

7) Firm swag

Choose fun, useful products that your clients will actually appreciate and use.

  • Phone chargers
  • Seasonal items
  • Moleskins
  • Custom selfie stick
  • Umbrellas
  • Masking tape
  • Tag-A-Bag
  • Emergency preparedness products

8) Referrals

  • Work with local businesses to receive free or discounted services in exchange for promoting their business.
  • Give your clients gift certificates to a local business that provide services they are interested in; restaurants, spas, massage therapists, life coaching, etc. Get creative!

9) Reverse referrals

  • Does your client own a company or offer their own services? Send referrals their way to show your appreciation and support.

10) Handmade and local

Everyone wants to support local businesses, and what better way to show your support of the local economy and client appreciation than giving a local, handmade gift?

  • Gift certificates to, or food from, local restaurants, bakeries, breweries, wineries, etc.
  • Jewelry, clothing, accessories or decorations from local designers.
  • Art, recycled projects, signature pieces by local artists.

11) Monthly gift boxes

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Sign your clients up for monthly gift boxes that are specific to their tastes or needs. There are so many different types, you can find the right one for any client at any price.

  • Food: Carnivore Club, Treatsie, Mouth, Graze, Plated
  • Drinks: Mistobox, Tea Sparrow, Club W, Craft Beer Club
  • Pets: Paw Pals with Annie, BarkBox, KitNip, Purr-Packs
  • Kids: Citrus Lane, Kiwi Crate, BabbaBox, GiftLit
  • Beauty: Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club, Julep Maven, Sprezza