Sam Mollaei: The Virtual Lawyer

by Katie Wolf

on 14 February, 2020


“Everything changes . . . Albert Einstein says ‘the only constant is change.’ It’s so true, especially when it comes to the generation we live in. Things are changing faster and faster every day.”


Today we’re asking: “Can you be a successful lawyer if you refuse to meet your clients?” Sam Mollaei says the answer is yes.

Sam’s a business lawyer for entrepreneurs and he has dedicated his work to making his practice automated, scalable, and virtual. His clients are so pleased with his streamlined process that they have left him over 1,000 5-star reviews on Google.

Sam sat down with the Filevine Fireside to share his thoughts on using funnels to build business, automating and delegating work, and just how you can get all those stellar online reviews.

Sam Mollaei

In 2013, I took the leap to start a virtual law firm right after law school so I could help entrepreneurs start their business and so that I could work online from anywhere in the world at the same time. Since then I’ve served 3,000 entrepreneurs start their business and I’m the only lawyer with more than 1,000 Google reviews.

I’m also the lawyer recipient of the ClickFunnels 2CommaClub ($1 million generated with a funnel as a lawyer). I founded LegalFunnel which builds and manages automated and scalable funnels to generate legal clients so that other lawyers can find the same success with their own law firm.


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