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You don’t have to increase your overhead to get more clients.  And you don’t have to sacrifice service as your firm grows. Schedule a demo today to see how filevine fuels growth and keeps you and your clients connected.

Why modern law firms thrive on Filevine.

Your software shouldn’t just organize your data - it should propel your business forward.

Imagine a technology solution that wasn’t just bells and whistles, but that generated new business for you as you work on the business you have - automatically. That’s what Filevine is all about: bringing your business out of sticky notes and lost emails into a singular digital space that systematizes your workflow and automates your marketing for you. No task and no lead “falls through the cracks” when you’re using Filevine, and the business generates more business, without needing to hire a sales team or wasteful advertising efforts.

Filevine is cloud-based real-time collaboration for your team and clients. Filevine is robust enough to handle case management for large, multi-location firms, and flexible enough to be used for lead generation, task management, document management, and even just in-office communication.


Does it work?

Firms using Filevine are reporting an increase in productivity of over 67%. That means the Filevine system is allowing firms to grow their business without growing their overhead.  Read the whitepaper here.

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Texting to a case file

Texting to a case file

Clients feel connected and their concerns quickly addressed.

Easy interface

Easy interface

No more overwhelming screen. It’s simple and intuitive.

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