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Hack your practice with a settlement calculator As we’ve continued our mission to build the best case management software, we’ve noticed that plaintiff civil litigators are often faced with difficult equations. Equations like: How should we quantify pain and suffering? How... Read More

Practice Hack: The Automatic Settlement Calculator

Michael Radford 19 July, 2018
Since its inception, Filevine has continually pushed the possibilities of law firm automation. Phase-based taskflows have kept your team running efficiently, deep-running reports have helped you make every decision with confidence, and team collaboration and communication has been a simple,... Read More

Taskflow Triggers: A Deep Dive into Automation

Ryan Anderson 13 July, 2018
Filevine has been a part of a technology revolution. We’re watching the legal profession transform before our eyes. And one piece of this revolution: how much work happens outside the brick and mortar building we call an office.   The... Read More

Instant Notifications for the Mobile Office

Ryan Anderson 06 July, 2018
When your organizing system breaks down, things can get ugly. Missed deadlines; cases falling through the cracks; a total lack of a big picture, or any idea of who is working on what. In the timeless words of Bill Murray:... Read More

Law Firm Automation Zen with Taskflow Triggers

Ryan Anderson 28 June, 2018
Automation for Attorneys is here – and it’s making their practice faster and more rewarding Despite the charismatic oral arguments you see on TV, we all know law is often a practice of paper-pushing and data-entry. Each step in the... Read More

The Search for the Self-Moving Case

Ryan Anderson 21 June, 2018
Ryan McKeen gives us a sneak peek at true automation for law firms Last April, attorney Ryan Mckeen shared his firm management “secret sauce” with us on the Filevine Fireside. In the last year alone, Ryan’s Connecticut personal injury law... Read More

Automation in the Face of Chaos

Katie Wolf 15 June, 2018