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Efficiency Unleashed: Tips for Automating Legal Document Sharing & Client Communication

Join us for a high-impact webinar where we’ll share best practices to help boost productivity and efficiency for legal professionals. You’ll learn how to implement workflow automation rules to streamline tasks, set up automated notifications for improved communication, and organize your document storage to revolutionize your law practice. Topics will include the collaborative capabilities of Filevine for legal document management, as well as the efficiencies offered by Neostella’s Vinebots.

Plus, get an exclusive sneak peek at two groundbreaking new products Neostella will be launching later this summer!

Join us on Wednesday, August 14th, 10 a.m.
Join us on Wednesday, August 14th 10 a.m. MDT

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Who will be there

Who is Speaking in this Webinar?

Paul Wainright
Expert Team Solutions Engineer, Filevine
Matt Lautz
Founder and CEO, Neostella
What we’re covering

Gain Insights On:

  • Tips for automating document workflows and document management in Filevine
  • Strategies for enhancing communication through automated emails, SMS texts, and in-app notifications
  • Insights on how to remove manual work
  • Tools for organizing document storage and sharing with Neostella's Vinebots File Sync
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About the Host

As the leading legal work platform, Filevine is dedicated to empowering all organizations with tools to simplify and elevate complex, high-stakes legal work.

About the Partner

Neostella is a global enterprise software and solutions company that empowers organizations with the technology resources they need to exceed goals and push the boundaries of what is possible.

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