SMS Regulation Changes

SMS Regulations Announcement

Last year, AT&T and T-Mobile increased regulations for SMS messages sent from an application, which helped protect their customers from unwanted messages and spam. Last October, we responded to these regulations through A2P 10DLC Tier 1 and 2 registration support.

This year, our SMS provider will no longer support the Tier 1 plan. All companies currently registered under Tier 1 must move to a new Low Volume Standard Tier, which gives access to more phone numbers and more messages per day.

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What you need to do next

If you are currently registered on Tier 1, click the form on this page/above to fill out additional information about your business. Filling this form will start your registration for the Low Volume Standard Tier. You should expect this update to go into effect in a few weeks following your form submission.


SMS Tier Information

Note: It is important that the information you provide matches what is included in your business registration with the IRS. This information is used for the sole purpose of verifying that the business is registered in the United States.

SMS Tier Information

The new Low Volume Standard Tier includes the following:

  • Register up to 400 numbers per org
  • Send up to 6,000 message segments per day
  • No cost


Please contact your Account Manager with any questions.