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Keep your team in sync and your cases on track with our easy-to-use legal case management software designed specifically for attorneys and legal professionals alike. Filevine was envisioned and developed by professionals seeking a complete solution that can be customized to how they do business.

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The Operating Core for the Best in Legal

Filevine is a matter management software customized to your needs. Create templates for all types of matters, define processes with automatic task assignments, and monitor team productivity with deep reporting to grow your business's efficiency.

Simplified Task Management

With Filevine, getting the job done has never been easier. Assign tasks to team members on the fly and collaborate on task assignments in real-time. Manage your workload through an integrated Tasklist where you can set deadlines, change assignments, filter your work, and more.

Seamless Client Communication

Filevine emphasizes client connection more than any other matter management solution. Generate unique texting numbers for every client and receive text messages directly within their matter file. Reply with a comment, send and receive documents over text, and run client contact reports to stay on top of your call lists.

Powerful Reporting Options

Our deep reporting engine lets you create and manage custom reports that tell the story of your law firm. Check for missing SOL’s, monitor employee productivity, compare marketing expenses to channel growth, and much more. Integrate your system with Filevine Periscope to visualize your data in new and engaging ways.

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