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Filevine maks managing documents a breeze. Edit, store, and share documents without leaving the platform. SOC 2 compliance ensures safe and secure storage. Plus, cloud storage is free and unlimited. Use AI-enhanced features to summarize depositions, analyze and find inconsistencies in legal documents, and much more.

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Your Complete Legal Tech Stack

With streamlined processes in place, Filevine helps you focus your time on what matters, while still meeting the demands of each client’s case. With rigorous security standards, our cloud-based platform is reliable and secure so you don’t have to worry about any confidential information being exposed or lost.

Simplify Your Case Management

Legal work can be complicated, but Filevine can make it manageable with one, centralized workspace for everything you need to power your business. You never have to leave the platform to manage your cases, whether it be communicating with your clients or uploading and editing documents.

Complete Control Over Your Documents

Powerful, cloud-based document management software is what your team needs to meet ever-increasing workload demands. Filevine transforms how you work collaboratively and organize your documents for peak performance.

Integrated Billing, Timekeeping and Payments

Never miss a billable minute with Filevine. No matter where you are in your workflow, easily track your time, bill clients, and receive payments — all in Filevine.

Document Summarization With AIFields

Using accuracy and security as its basis, AIFields helps you leave the busy work behind and win more cases. Summarize depositions, analyze and find inconsistencies in legal documents, identify outstanding tasks in email threads, and so much more – as quick as a few minutes.

Chosen by over 65,000 professionals

“The Docs+ feature and the OCR function are huge for me. The ability to highlight and annotate within the system itself and not go outside to another third-party application is a time-saving feature.”

Josh Esplin
Utah County Public Defenders

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“Document generation is the single greatest time saver. I have designed my system so that intake can be performed, relevant documents generated (HITECHs, HIPAAs, contracts/referral contracts), and eSignatures obtained all from Filevine. We are able to send out contracts and get them signed, send out our HITECH request to providers, even draft and generate fact sheets, releases, authorizations, and short-form complaints—all using Filevine fields and document generation.”

Amber Pang Parra
Justinian & Associates PLLC

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“I get things done fast. I close cases faster than anybody else, I get documents signed faster than anybody else, including disbursement agreements. I don't know any faster way to do it.”

Blade Thompson
Blade Thompson Injury Law

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“We were able to stop worrying about documents getting lost or forgotten about on a desktop. We can access them right from their corresponding case in the office or on the go. Genius.”

Big Horn Law

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