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Keep your team in sync and unlock more efficiency on your legal team with Filevine. From robust document management to AI-powered features to help reduce busy work, look no further for the complete solution that's customized for your team.

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Your Complete Legal Tech Stack

With streamlined processes in place, Filevine helps you focus your time on what matters, while still meeting the demands of each client’s case. With rigorous security standards, our cloud-based platform is reliable and secure so you don’t have to worry about any confidential information being exposed or lost.

Work Smarter With AIFields

Using accuracy and security as its basis, AIFields helps you leave the busy work behind and win more cases. Summarize depositions, analyze and find inconsistencies in legal documents, identify outstanding tasks in email threads, and so much more – as quick as a few seconds.

Seamless Client Communication

Filevine emphasizes client connection more than any other legal software. Generate unique texting numbers for every client and receive texts directly within their case file instantly. Make managing time easy with personal and team calendars across multiple locations.

Powerful Reporting Options

Our deep reporting engine Periscope lets you create and manage custom reports that tell the story of your law firm. Get real-time, custom reporting to see insights on employee productivity, see marketing expense performance, and much more.

Keep Your Data Secure

Filevine's security practices meet robust SOC 2 Type II standards based on an independent audit. We use industry-recognized, best-in-class information security tools to safeguard your data.

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