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By now, you've heard of AIFields and DemandsAI®. Introducing SidebarAI, your new office assistant. Find out how all these features work in a customized demo.

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This experimental release of SidebarAI is the first step toward offering an AI virtual assistant tool for Filevine users. The support tool can answer “how-to” questions to help them navigate the Filevine platform and quickly summarize the latest activity in a case project. Filevine users will have early access to the experimental tool in an effort to facilitate additional prompt training and bring SidebarAI’s optimal functionality to Filevine users.

See AIFields in Action

See how AIFields works in this interactive walkthrough to see how AIFields can transform the way you do legal work, from summarizing depositions to finding inconsistencies in medical summaries – all within minutes.

AI-Enhanced Demand Drafting

Tired of tedious form filling? DemandsAI® leverages your existing case data, eliminating the need for manual input. Effortlessly convert your data into professional demands with DemandsAI®.

Get Started With Filevine's AI Features