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Keep your team in sync and unlock more efficiency on your legal team with Filevine. From robust document management to AI-enhanced features to help reduce busy work, look no further for your complete legal tech stack.

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Your Complete Legal Tech Stack

Tired of having to switch between programs to manage your cases? With Filevine, you never have to leave the platform to manage your case load, whether it be communicating with your clients or uploading and editing documents. AI-enhanced features help do your busy work, enabling you to focus on the work that matters.

Quick Summaries With AIFields

Using accuracy and security as its basis, AIFields helps you leave the busy work behind and win more cases. Summarize depositions, analyze and find inconsistencies in legal documents, identify outstanding tasks in email threads, and so much more – as quick as a few minutes.

Adaptable to every type of law.

Increase caseload without increasing overhead
Best-in-class information security tools to safeguard your data
Threaded tasks to effectively manage contract workflow
Collaborate with your entire team on projects & tasks from anywhere
Centralize all client communication with built-in texting & email

Simplify Your Case Management

Legal work can be complicated, but Filevine can make it manageable with one, centralized workspace for everything you need to power your business. You never have to leave the platform to manage your cases, whether it be communicating with your clients or uploading and editing documents.

Complete Control Over Your Documents

Powerful, cloud-based document management software is what your team needs to meet ever-increasing workload demands. Filevine transforms how you work collaboratively and organize your documents for peak performance.

Integrated Billing, Timekeeping and Payments

Never miss a billable minute with Filevine. No matter where you are in your workflow, easily track your time, bill clients, and receive payments — all in Filevine.

Creation and execution of contracts has never been easier

Enhance the repeatability and precision of your contracts with dynamic templates and live and connected variables that build your database as you work.

Filevine is top rated for law practice management.

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