Legal Billing Made For Your Law Firm

Demo Filevine to see how we address each step in the entire legal billing cycle: from time-tracking to invoicing and payments.

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Legal Billing Made For Your Law Firm

Law firms thrive on profitability, but clunky software can throw your rhythm off-balance. Filevine isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It's a customizable system that adapts to your firm's unique needs, putting control back in your hands.

Enhanced Timekeeping

Track time when and where you do your work (including MS Office!). Maximize your billable hours with intuitive and integrated timekeeping that lives within your case management system.

Integrated Billing

Generate invoices in minutes with customizable templates that match your firm's brand & typical tone.

Maintain accurate rates, easily add LEDES billing codes, and use bulk actions to simplify the billing process — all in Filevine.

Simplified Payments

With Filevine Payments, you can offer multiple payment options & manage multiple trust & operating accounts with confidence. Also, store a card on file & charge the card as needed.

Filevine Payments integrates with our timekeeping and billing products to keep you and your practice organized.

Tailored Reporting

Gain actionable insights with comprehensive reports on time entries, invoices, payments, and trust account activity.

Gain granular visibility into individual projects.
  • Analyze timekeeper schedules by project and identify areas for optimization.
  • Track time entry allocation with Primary and multiple Originating Attorneys for a clearer picture of project responsibility.
  • Understand how payments connect to invoices and timekeepers.

Chosen by over 65,000 professionals

“We can meet with our clients anywhere. We connect to Filevine on our tablets, so I can be on the road, meet with my client, and have access to their entire file right there. I can assign tasks and take notes anywhere. It’s just so much more efficient.”

Sam Tabibian

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“I’ve been practicing for ten years. I’ve demoed every single case management system out there. Filevine’s system is better organized than any of them.”

Ryan Sargent
Sargent Law Firm

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“Filevine is so important to our work. For us to learn how to better use it, how to improve and grow, we think is essential to our firm.”

Ryan McKeen
Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

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“We can connect tasks, alerts and assignments to specific dates that appear in our daily task feeds so everyone knows what's coming down the pipeline and when it needs to be done.”

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