In-House Counsel & Matter Management

Efficiently Manage Legal Matters In-House: Enhance Accuracy and Workflow with Filevine

Filevine offers a centralized software solution to help in-house counsel manage legal matters, contracts, and operations efficiently. It's the top choice for empowering professionals and achieving successful outcomes.

Our Corporate Legal Software streamlines the management of corporate matters, allowing in-house legal teams to track key details and collaborate with external stakeholders. It helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks and keeps you organized and in control.

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Team Collaboration: Streamline In-House Matter Management

Filevine's Team Collaboration feature empowers your corporate legal team to manage all legal matters in-house efficiently. With 'The VINE,' our intuitive interface, you can stay up to date with case updates, internal and external communication, and important documents—all in one place.

In house collaboration on cases

Task Management

Stay informed with real-time case updates, ensuring everyone on your team is on the same page. Easily track progress, deadlines, and important milestones.

Guest Users for Co-Counsel

Maintain control over access to sensitive information. Filevine allows you to assign different user permissions based on customized roles, ensuring confidentiality and data security.
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Integrated Partner Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with external partners, such as outside counsel or vendors. Effortlessly transfer files, documents, and information to expedite workflows and maintain consistency.

Ensure Contract Accuracy and Visibility

Filevine's Contract Management feature empowers in-house counsel to proactively address fiscal, compliance, and ethical challenges by getting contracts right the first time. Gain full visibility into the status of your active contracts at every stage of the contract lifecycle, from creation and negotiation to approval, tracking milestones, and renewals.

visual of contract visibility

Automate Contract Creation

Leverage your industry experience and knowledge while ensuring uniformity in your company’s routine transactions. Enable customized workflows, notifications, and reminders to ensure smooth contract creation, review, approval and renewal processes.

Centralized Contract Repository

Store all contracts securely in one centralized location within Filevine. Easily search, retrieve, and access contracts whenever needed, saving time and effort. Reduce negotiation risk through data analytics of the clauses that matter to your industry.

Sign Documents Faster via Vinesign

Minimize the lag time in completing contract renewals. Execute agreements trans-globally. Ensure all of your company’s key employees have complied with your State’s new workplace regulations and disclosures—without having to chase down physical signatures.

Maximized Project Efficiency

Optimize outside counsel management and ensure cost-effectiveness by appropriate handling through standardized reporting and accurate cost projections. Maximize efficiency by doing more with less, and effectively manage company resources without compromising your legal role or client obligations.

Project templates made easy

Automated Project Progress Reports

Gain real-time insights into project status and progress with automated reports. Identify, collect, and report on the key performance indicators that are meaningful to your CFO and CEO. Enable proactive decision-making and effective communication across your team.

Staff Analytics and Deadline Tracking

Stay on top of deadlines and milestones with Filevine's intuitive deadline-tracking tools, ensuring the timely completion of tasks and efficient resource allocation. Ensure staff efforts are being allocated where they are needed.

Legal Business Data and ROI Tracking

Harness the power of data analytics to track key performance indicators, measure return on investment, and make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and optimize business outcomes.

Quickly automate management of Legal Holds

Corporate legal teams can benefit from quickly automating the management of legal holds. Streamlining the process for initiating legal holds and tracking matters reduces manual efforts across multiple access points in a contract or client management process. Notifications to custodians can be sent quickly via email, with automated follow-ups to ensure compliance.

Attorneys can focus on measuring and assessing risk rather than struggling with inefficient paperwork processes. Automating legal hold management is a critical step in modernizing corporate legal teams.

Automate Documents
automate management of Legal Holds

How We Empower In-House Legal Counsel

Filevine's case management software enables you to centralize and organize all your legal matters, contracts, and client information in one secure platform. This streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems or manually track important deadlines and tasks. ]

For example, you can easily access all case-related documents, communicate with internal and external stakeholders, and receive real-time updates on case progress through Filevine's intuitive interface.

Absolutely. With Filevine, you can enhance collaboration among your legal team members by facilitating seamless communication and document sharing.

For instance, you can create virtual workspaces for specific cases, where team members can collaborate, exchange ideas, and track progress. This fosters better teamwork, ensures everyone is on the same page, and improves overall efficiency.

Filevine's case management software includes robust contract management features. You can create contract templates, automate contract generation, and track key milestones such as negotiation, approval, and renewals.

By leveraging Filevine's contract management capabilities, you can reduce the risk of errors or compliance issues, gain visibility into contract performance, and save valuable time in the contract management process.

Absolutely. Filevine offers powerful data analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track and analyze key legal metrics. You can generate customized reports on case outcomes, budget utilization, outside counsel costs, and more.

This empowers you to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and demonstrate the value and impact of your legal department to stakeholders within the organization.

Yes, Filevine offers seamless integration with various popular tools and systems in-house counsel uses.

For instance, you can integrate Filevine with document management systems, eDiscovery tools, or billing platforms to streamline your processes and ensure data consistency across different applications. This interoperability enables you to leverage existing technology investments and create a cohesive ecosystem tailored to your specific needs.

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