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The most comprehensive immigration case management software on the market.

Streamline your firm's client intake, immigration form completion, document management, calendaring, time tracking, billing, online payments, and reporting — with any device.

Whether you're reuniting families, naturalizing residents, or bolstering the workforce through EB-3 Visas, our platform is tailor-made to help you run your practice more efficiently.

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Immigration Law Software for Attorneys


The Complete Immigration Tech Stack

Filevine saves you and your clients time through case-specific intake steps and a unified practice management experience. Regardless of which type of immigration case you're working on — Green Card, H-1B, DACA — Filevine delivers an end-to-end solution from intake to payments.
Form completion with filevine

Advanced Immigration Form Completion

By pulling data directly from your clients' documents and case files, our AI-enhanced platform automates tasks, populates forms, reduces errors, and tracks form progress in record time.
team communication with filevine

Optimize Team and Client Communication

Collaborate with your team and clients through texting, email, and electronic forms — including eSignatures for time-sensitive documents. Update clients on their status, share and collaborate on documents and forms, upload and edit files, send invoices, and accept payments in one platform.

Become Next-Level Efficient

Immigration lawyers have a lot of paperwork on their plates, but they can drastically improve efficiency with the right legal software. Our AI-enhanced tools automate the monotonous, laborious work of the Immigration process saving your firm invaluable time and simplifying the process for your clients.

Protect clients from missed deadlines and lost forms without sacrificing the quality of your service. Save time, automate tasks, and improve accuracy while transforming the client experience.

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centralized file management

A secure client and law firm experience give convenient access to your clients to review and upload documents, make payments, ask questions, and keep on top of their case from start to finish. With SOCII security standards and HIPPA compliance, it's the safest way to share sensitive information.

Filevine is continuously working to improve our security measures. We conduct risk assessments, audits, privacy impact analysis, penetration testing, vulnerability scans, and other security best practices. We have established an Information Security Committee with cross-functional executive representation that meets regularly. The Committee provides governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) oversight as part of our enterprise risk management program.

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Streamline the entire client lifecycle within one platform. Track time wherever you're working, as you're working, easily create invoices, and collect payments all within the security of Filevine.
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Filevine as Your Immigration Law Case Management Software

As an Immigration Lawyer, you have one of the longest case processes and Filevine can help you streamline your case management by organizing all of your case-related information to help the long process feel like a well-oiled machine.

Have all of the information you need to be displayed on one dashboard such as client details, case history, and documents, in one central location?

Why do you need Immigration Case Software? Well for example, if you're working on a green card application for a client, you can use Filevine to track the application's progress, upload relevant documents, and communicate with the client all in one place.

Yes, Choosing Filevine as your Immigration Case Management Software helps consolidate your established tech stack. Filevine integrates natively with over 30 applications involved in the legal world.

Our network team can also help integrate with other software you use in your practice, such as email clients, document management systems, and billing software.

For example, you can integrate Filevine with your electronic mailbox such as Outlook and GMail to automatically sync emails and calendar events.

The most crucial component of being a lawyer is being sure deadlines are met. Filevine can help you track important deadlines and case milestones.

For example, if you have a client whose visa expires soon, you can set up a deadline reminder in Filevine to ensure you don't miss the deadline.

You can also use Filevine to track other case milestones, such as when documents are due or when court dates are scheduled.

The most powerful tool within Filevines arsenal is scheduling out your tasks with automation.

You can customize workflows and automate tasks in Filevine to increase efficiency.

For example, you can set up automated email reminders to clients when certain documents are due or create custom templates for certain cases to speed up the document creation process.

Filevine can help you communicate with clients more effectively by providing a central location for all communication related to a case.

For example, you can use Filevine to send and receive secure messages, share documents, and set up deadline reminders all in one place.

This can help ensure that clients are kept up-to-date on their case progress and can easily communicate with you when needed.

Take your immigration law practice to another level.

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