Corporate Legal Departments

Matter, Contract, and Client Management for your entire corporate legal team that is rated #1.

Corporate legal teams face an increasingly complex set of challenges. Filevine provides relief with a system designed to manage your matters, contracts, and clients in one place. You can easily manage outside counsel and their associated documents, contracts, and tasks for the streamlined growth of your business.

Corporate attorneys can collaborate at lightning speed on any device to achieve their goals securely and confidentially. With Filevine’s accessible tools, corporate legal teams have the power to easily manage workflow so they can focus on what matters.

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Filevine is made to manage the most complex workflows.

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Matter and contract management all in one place

Imagine a workflow that assigns tasks, generates documents and notifies the right people at the right time. Filevine helps you get more work done by automating more steps in your process — including drafting documents and collecting signatures.

Seamlessly manage outside counsel and track custodians

Manage contacts, share work and documents, and collaborate seamlessly with outside counsel. Track custodians, perform custodian questionnaires, and store all that data in one place.

Improve team communication from anywhere

Communicate with your team, keep internal clients updated, and collaborate with external vendors — no matter where you are.

Quickly automate management of legal holds

Corporate legal teams can benefit from quickly automating the management of legal holds. Streamlining the process for initiating legal holds and tracking the matter reduces manual efforts across multiple access points in a contract or client management process. Notifications to custodians can be sent quickly via email, with automated follow-ups to ensure compliance.

Attorneys can focus on measuring and assessing risk rather than struggling with inefficient paperwork processes. Automating legal hold management is a critical step in modernizing corporate legal teams.

Automated workflows
Best-in-Class Security

Security is Priority #1

Corporate legal teams are responsible for much more than simply drafting and executing documents. They also need to ensure that all confidential data is kept secure and private.

Filevine offers top-of-the-line security and confidentiality features, giving legal teams the peace of mind that their sensitive data is safe. With its best-in-class permissions feature, you can customize who has access to which information on a granular level. This gives companies unparalleled control over the protection of their vital data.

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Business Insights

Reporting that drives insight and action

Corporate legal teams can benefit from powerful reporting to gain valuable business insights. With a comprehensive view of every aspect of their organization, these teams can customize interactive reports for cases and tasks that are upcoming and past due, as well as financial details tailored to specific needs. This data allows them to make informed decisions, leading to greater success in their organization's operations.

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Project Management

Ensure project efficiency

Corporate legal departments must manage resources correctly and efficiently to keep costs down and ensure quality work. Filevine provides a unique project management system tailored to the needs of corporate legal departments, allowing them to monitor outside counsel activity, cost differences among providers, access customized reports, and more. This will enable lawyers to keep an eye on various aspects of projects while staying within budget.

Filevine's efficient project management solutions provide corporate legal departments with the tools to identify potential problems before they become costly—increasing efficiency and reducing overhead.

Contracts and project management

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