In this special Fireside, Dr. Cain Elliott—Director & Consultant for Operations at FIlevine—interviews three women who are challenging the status quo in the legal and tech industries, to learn more about the future of women in business and law.

Gabriela Isturiz is the founder of Bellefield Systems and has been a major provider of timekeeping solutions for the legal industry. She leverages her knowledge of technology to help shape the modern legal landscape and continues to innovate in the space.

Emelia Schinke, Filevine's VP of Legal & People, graduated from law school in 2013 but quickly found that law firm life wasn't for her. She made the switch to the tech industry 5 years ago, and uses her legal skillset to help tech companies grow responsibly.

Colleen Leonard is Sr. Director of Operations at Filevine, and has worked in operations for 12 years. She comes from a military background, serving 6 years in the Air Force and eventually leaving the service with the rank of Captain. Listen now for valuable insights about the future of the legal tech space and business in general in this special episode of the Filevine Fireside.