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AI-Enhanced Intake and Lead Management

Turn more leads into clients, optimize your marketing efforts, and boost your ROI.
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Legal Intake

Client intake without the headaches

Your clients are unique. Lead Docket’s flexible platform allows you to manage intake your way, whether that’s over the phone, through a sendable lead form, or by automating your processes for a completely contactless intake experience.

Streamline day-to-day tasks like email follow-up and data entry, lowering overhead and freeing up time for more profitable tasks—so you can focus on client satisfaction.

Speed up your process
AI Solutions

Revolutionary AI technology

Win over the right clients faster with LeadsAI. Make better decisions with clear and concise lead summarization, message sentiment analysis, and insightful timelines. Increase client satisfaction, reduce intake overhead, and boost productivity and profitability.

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Easy Online Payments

Receive faster payments for retainers and consultation fees with a secure, all-in-one system.

No more chasing invoices with Lead Docket’s convenient online payments. Send a payment request to any lead, and make it easy for them to pay you online with a credit card or ACH transfer.

Lead Tracking

Lead tracking that captures every lead

Track and nurture leads from every source through to conversion.

Lead Docket ensures every lead is followed up with and keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

Lead Tracking Capabilities
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Marketing Optimization

Marketing optimization that works

Increase your profits without increasing your budget. Lead Docket shows you where your leads are coming from so you can invest where it matters most.

Law firms need up-to-the-minute feedback on what is working and what isn't. Don't spend time on leads that don't work or money in areas that provide no value. Our legal software show's you the most impactful leads and helps to bring in more clients.

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Automated Workflows

Workflows to speed up your teams

Timing matters. Lead Docket automates your workflows to ensure every lead is quickly followed up with and tasks are clear.

Easily shareable online intake forms, e-signatures, and document automation to turn your legal firm’s client intake process into a streamlined, efficient system in our secure cloud-based platform.

Workflow Automation
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Lead Referrals

Lead referrals made easy

Sit back, relax, and let Lead Docket chase down referral fees and automatically check in with referral partners for you.

Manage your contacts and email lists with a cloud-based legal CRM to ensure that no business opportunity or client falls through the cracks. Keep client satisfaction high while managing more clients than you ever thought.

Track Referrals
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Frequently Asked Questions

Client intake software is an invaluable tool for legal teams and law firms. It automates the client intake process, allowing lawyers to quickly and accurately collect client information. This data can then be saved in a centralized format, providing staff members and clients easy access.

Furthermore, client intake software immerses law firms in the digital world, meaning their client experience never has to suffer due to outdated client acquisition methods and client data management methods. Allowing legal teams to efficiently track client processes from initial contact to a successful transaction is invaluable, as it ensures that every detail is noticed during the process. Ultimately, client intake software can be an excellent asset for any law firm looking to create a streamlined client acquisition process.

Lead referrals for legal intake are a vital part of client relationship management for legal firms. It starts with client intake software, designed to capture client data and manage initial contact information. This software allows a firm to track client relationships over time and serve the potential upcoming needs of the client.

Lead referrals are then used to transfer the data collected in client intake software directly into the legal intake software that an attorney or law firm uses to track client matters. Legal teams can access critical client information faster and save time while improving client service by using lead referrals. Lead referrals help attorneys maintain relationships with clients and provide them with the best possible service.

Legal intake software can play a crucial role in helping my law firm streamline the way legal services are delivered. By having an automated system that simplifies complex paperwork, my practice can benefit from improved accuracy and speed of the process. It is an essential tool for any legal firm looking to improve its business and optimize operational efficiency. With such a system in place, cases can be handled more easily and quickly, helping me save time and money to expand my business further.

As a lawyer or law firm, it's important to have lead management software that is customizable to fit your criteria. Look for software that includes lead tracking, automated intake processes, and the ability to analyze and prioritize leads quickly.

Some other features to consider include the ability to create custom intake forms, automate follow-up emails and reminders, and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Additionally, look for software that integrates with other tools you may already be using, such as your CRM or email marketing platform.

Having efficient and effective lead management software can greatly increase your chances of converting leads into clients, so take the time to research and find the best fit for your law firm.

Lead management software can help lawyers and law firms prioritize leads by providing tools for lead scoring and lead tracking.

Filevines Lead scoring enables users to assign values to leads based on factors such as the potential value of the case, the urgency of the legal issue, and the likelihood of converting the lead into a client. Lead tracking allows users to monitor the status of leads, track interactions with potential clients, and set reminders for follow-up actions.

By using these features, law firms can focus their resources on the most promising leads, increasing the chances of converting them into paying clients.

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