Document Assembly Built for Legal Work

Get more legal work done each day — automatically. Draft, generate, and execute thousands of customized and error-free documents with one click from pre-approved templates so you scale your document workflows.

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We’re revolutionizing document creation with solutions designed specifically for legal

Move beyond the limitations of outdated doc gen and mail merge tools. Filevine’s patented new file format, .vine, enables you to create living documents that seamlessly connect with your source of record, empowering you and your team to manage document creation at scale.

A fully connected legal experience

Centralize your legal documents and database into one legal tech platform — and start working the way you want to. Filevine offers the only modern document assembly solution built specifically for legal work.

Pull data from across your Filevine projects as you build your documents to ensure one source of truth that updates automatically as you view, sort, and select the right collection data in full context.

Modern, team-centered collaboration

Coordinate and connect every person, step, and data point related to your documents through a fully collaborative and centralized environment.

Speed up your review processes with live commenting, editing, redlining, and eSignatures.

Document solutions built for the future of legal

Utilize dynamic templates with connected variables and a content library of your “greatest legal hits” to make drafting and authoring demand letters, court proceedings, contracts and more, a breeze. Filevine's proprietary .vine file type makes legal drafting a breeze.

Reduce your template count, while increasing flexibility and customization and decrease the risk of human errors by eliminating dual data entry.

A true automation economy

No more confusing document versions or updating case or client information in your database just to have to update it again in your documents. Filevine's legal workflow automations make touchpoints for legal drafting and case management truly modern and truly seamless.

Increase visibility, and control with audit-logging, version controls, and team-based permissioned access. Filevine gives you total control over every document and data-point.

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