Contract Lifecycle Management


Get more legal work done each day—automatically. From generating contracts in seconds to collaborating in real-time to tracking every data point instantaneously, Outlaw automates your entire contract lifecycle, freeing you up from routine, manual document work. Do the work that matters to you, let Outlaw do the rest.

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Launch your contracts in seconds — not days or weeks

Contract generation has never been more flexible. Create dynamic templates with built-in conditionals to customize and auto-populate error-free legal documents instantly.

  • Scale your workflows with self-service templates while reducing rogue contracts
  • Batch-generate thousands of customized contracts, letters, and papers
  • Import and manage third-party documents and workflows with ease

Review, redline and revise together — all in one place

Align on strategic documents together on the most productive environment you’ve ever seen. Reach agreement faster when your teams are in lockstep.

  • Built-in redlining and section-specific version histories
  • Automated approval workflows & real-time alerts
  • Concurrent, multi-party editing and threaded commenting

Ensure compliance with all interactions tracked and stored

Maintain control while accelerating your team’s workflows. Keep track of all contract evolutions in one place, and never lose sight of another version or deadline again.

  • Cloud-based audit trail & version control
  • Set custom alerts based on variables such as expiry and renewal dates
  • Track critical legal obligations in convenient dashboard snapshots

Data retrieval and insights at your fingertips

Store data and achieve full visibility across your entire contract universe. Advanced reporting enables you to unlock the critical business intelligence that lives within your contracts in seconds.

  • AI-powered full-text and parametric search
  • Personalized tags & dynamic foldering for quick access
  • Transfer your legacy contracts with all metadata automatically captured

Why choose Outlaw?

Gain flexibility by seamlessly integrating Filevine and Outlaw. Centralize your contracts, legal documents, and databases into one legal tech platform —and start working the way you want to.

Coordinate and connect every person, step and data point related to your agreements in the most collaborative environment you’ve ever seen.

Build powerful, dynamic templates not just for contracts, but for documents like demand letters and court proceedings. Free yourself from busywork and enable instant generation for all your complex documents.

Outlaw packages all the advanced CLM features legal teams need into a modern, intuitive user experience. Skip the costly implementation, lengthy training, and heavy customization — Outlaw is designed for rapid adoption.

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