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Legal Case Management Software

Case, Matter, and Project Management For Your Complex Work

Legal work is complicated, but Filevine’s Case Management software makes it manageable with one centralized workspace for everything you need to power your business.

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Gain complete governance over your law practice

Customize our case management software to specifically cater to your area of practice. Centralize all case information, focus more attention on your clients, and never miss a deadline.

Editing Client Contract on Filevine Docs

Lawyers and attorneys, stay organized and on top of your cases with our online legal case management software. With our software, you can access documents, bills, client contact information, and more from any computer with an internet connection.

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Our case management software for lawyers is designed to help you efficiently handle document management, billing, time tracking, and other tasks. By using our software, you can complete your work faster with fewer errors, allowing you to concentrate on the essential aspects of your legal practice.
Viewing Leads in one Place
Document Management

Document management for all your legal work

Documents are deeply embedded in Filevine’s Case Management Software, providing you with access to documents alongside your cases and tasks for better context, collaboration, and security. Search for documents, edit, split and combine PDFs, collaborate with your team, and do it all with unlimited document storage.
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Fee agreement documents

Centralize team and client communication

Improve client satisfaction by consolidating all communication into Filevine’s project feed through two-way texting, captured emails, integrated third-party tools, and more.

Filevine’s Outlook Add-In allows you to drag and drop attachments from your inbox directly into projects so nothing slips through the cracks.

Keep clients happy with easy in app messages

Centralize internal communication through auto-assigned tasks, leave notes for your team, and control visibility with user permissions.

No more circling back. You and your team can view, comment, and complete tasks within the context of each unique case in real time.

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Timekeeping & Billing

Timekeeping and billing made easier

Streamlining timekeeping and billing for legal work is key for law firms to keep their competitive advantage in a cluttered market. By implementing an effective cloud-based platform, legal teams can manage their workflows more effectively and record data accurately, making it easier to tackle any challenges they may encounter while managing financial accounts or client information. This will lead to a more efficient and profitable environment for legal professionals.
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Cross-functional solutions for legal teams and everyone they interact with

Cloud based management

Cloud-based Case Management Software

Filevine is accessible in the office and on-the-go. Go paperless with both desktop and mobile versions that keep you flexible and secure.

Custom Reports

Make your data work for you with instant custom reports and creative dashboards using any data point inside of Filevine. Get alerts for the information you care about.
Calendars in Filevine

Calendars & Deadlines Features

Never miss your deadlines. Automated task flows and deadline chains ensure nothing slips through the cracks, while calendaring helps you keep track of upcoming meetings, hearings, or trials.
Integrations in Filevine

Powerful Integrations

Filevine integrates with a number of leading tools used by top legal teams that help you get work done. Leverage these partnerships to take your business further.
Customizable to your needs

Customizable Case Management Software

Every firm, legal team, business, and organization is unique. Filevine’s Case Management Software can be customized to fit your team’s individual needs and workflows.
Timekeeping is easy with Filevine


Launch the timer from anywhere inside Filevine. Track your time within the context of your legal work.
Bulk invoices icon

Bulk Invoice Generation

Finalize invoices in bulk, generate PDFs, and download invoice PDFs with the click of a button.
Contact Management

Contact Management

Create custom contact fields that fit your organizations workflows. Boost your reporting and automatically pull your custom fields into your reports and documents.
Collaborating with Filevine

Team Management

Utilize advanced permissions to provide and revoke access to sensitive data, automate team assignments, and report on staff productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal case management software is a cloud-based platform to help legal teams and law firms better organize their cases. It offers various tools like document storage, task tracking, and cloud-based collaboration. It acts as an all-in-one solution for dealing with cases more efficiently. From allowing users to quickly access essential client information to streamlining communication within the team, legal case management software makes it easier for law firms to stay organized and work smarter. Providing many features to manage communications and optimize productivity is becoming mandatory for legal teams of all sizes.

Yes, Filevine has over 2000+ potential integrations.

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Filevine utilizes best-in-class compliance, privacy and security programs to protect your data. Filevine is hosted on AWS, the world’s most secure cloud platform with over 200 data centers globally.

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Filevine offers unlimited guest access so your clients and outside counsel can interact with your cases and projects with permissions that you set.

Yes, with Filevine's Legal Case Management System, you can customize the platform to fit the specific needs of your law firm.

We offer a flexible, user-friendly platform that allows you to tailor the system to your firm's unique workflows and processes. With customizable templates, automated workflows, and integration with other tools and software, you can create a system tailored to your firm's specific needs.

For example, if your law firm specializes in personal injury cases, you can customize your case management system to include specific case types, custom intake forms, and automated workflows for handling medical records and insurance claims.

This customization can improve efficiency, streamline communication and collaboration, and provide a more streamlined experience for your clients.

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