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Operational insight that provides actionable data to help your firm.
Take control of your data with Filevine. Your firm generates a massive amount of information and every piece of data is an opportunity to earn more revenue and improve efficiency. Filevine surfaces your data so you can make informed decisions on hiring, caseloads, staff performance, and firm success.
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Increase your firm's productivity

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Sensitive information that's safe and secure

Any permissions you have configured in Filevine for your team-members will limit report availability.
view and share reports

View and share reports

Saved reports can be accessed from anywhere in Filevine with just a few clicks. Share reports directly with other team members, or export reports to .xlsx format to share with others.
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Ensure accuracy

Advanced workflow automation helps you control accuracy of data by issuing tasks and providing instructions for your team to ensure data-entry integrity.


Connected Systems

Report on any data point in the system

Everything in Filevine is reportable, from notes and tasks to field entries and calendar events. By centralizing your work into one seamless system, all your data becomes actionable!

Advanced Legal Reporting
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Improve employee productivity

Use audit reports to identify your top performers and highlight training opportunities. Compare task completion rates, cumulative actions taken, and other factors to ensure your team is performing at its best.

Track Legal Activities
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Future Proof

Arm yourself for the future

Prepare for the future with data-backed insights about your team, caseload, and law firm as a whole. Learn about business improvements that can impact your bottom line for your managers and teams.

Expansive criteria options let you limit report results by any factor or condition. Segment and filter down to the moment to gain invaluable insight that will speed up your client intake and reduce the overall overhead for your firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal data analytics is the practice of gathering and analyzing data related to legal cases and matters in order to make more informed decisions. With legal data analytics, law firms can gain insights into key trends, patterns, and metrics that can help them improve their legal services, optimize workflows, and streamline operations.

For example, by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) like case duration, billable hours, and settlement amounts, law firms can identify areas of inefficiency and take steps to improve them. They can also use data analytics to monitor case outcomes and identify opportunities to improve their legal strategies.

At Filevine, we offer powerful legal data analytics tools that enable law firms to harness the power of data to drive better outcomes. Our platform provides real-time visibility into key metrics and KPIs, allowing lawyers to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Whether you want to improve your legal services, streamline your operations, or gain a competitive edge, Filevine has the tools and expertise you need to succeed.

Filevine's legal data analytics can help you track the performance of your law firm's staff by providing you with a range of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow you to monitor and measure individual and team-level productivity. With Filevine's business analytics software, you can track metrics such as case load, case status, time spent on tasks, deadlines met, and more.

For example, if you're a managing partner of a law firm and you want to see how your paralegals are performing, you can use Filevine's legal reporting software to generate reports that show the number of cases each paralegal is managing, how long it takes them to complete tasks, and how many deadlines they have met or missed. This can help you identify where staff might need additional training or support and where they excel.

Filevine's law firm business intelligence software also allows you to create custom KPIs tailored to your law firm's specific needs. This means you can track the metrics that matter most to your business and use those insights to make informed decisions about how to optimize your operations and improve your bottom line.

By using Filevine's legal data analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your law firm's performance and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and profitability. Some of the key insights you can gain include:

  • Case Progress

  • Financial Performance

  • Staff Performance

  • Client Satisfaction

By gaining these insights, you can make more informed decisions that drive the success of your law firm. Filevine's legal data analytics offers a powerful tool for law firm business intelligence software, giving you the ability to track and analyze key performance indicators in real-time.

Yes, you can customize the data visualizations and reports in Filevine's analytics software to fit the needs of your law firm. Our legal reporting software provides a range of visualization options, including tables, graphs, and charts, that allow you to quickly and easily identify trends and patterns in your data.

Our business analytics software is designed to help law firms optimize their operations and make data-driven decisions. By customizing the visualizations and reports in our law firm business intelligence software, you can gain even deeper insights into your firm's performance and identify areas where improvements can be made.

For example, you can create custom reports that track the number of new cases opened each month, the average time it takes to resolve cases, and the percentage of cases that result in favorable outcomes. With our analytics software, you can analyze this data and gain insights into your firm's performance that can help you make more informed business decisions.

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