Billing & Time-Keeping

Take control of your time and your firm’s financial future with automated time-tracking and invoice generation.

Spend your time where it counts

Use a project’s collection sections to manage massive sets of similar but unique information, like medical records, client expenses, case fees, and more.

According to our research, almost 50% of legal professionals find it too difficult to track 100% of their billable hours. At best, they are risking decreased process efficiency; at worst, they are missing out on significant profits.

Filevine makes it easy to track accurate billable hours so you can focus on providing great legal work—without worrying about contemporaneous time-keeping.

Track your billable hours contemporaneously

Deploy the Timer from anywhere in Filevine and start tracking billable hours in moments. Easily stop and start the timer and seamlessly switch between clients without losing accuracy.

Set custom hourly rates for every member of your team

Define custom hourly rates for each of your team members. These will be factored into billing calculations automatically whenever they launch the timer or create an invoice.

Simplify your expenses

Tracking case expenses is a routine task that eats up too much time. Streamline your expense-tracking with Filevine’s innovative management tools.

Easily track case expenses

Keep expenses under control with Filevine’s customizable expense templates. Set default expenses to allow your team to choose common items from a list rather than entering the same information every time.

Access expenses from anywhere

Filevine is 100% cloud-based, allowing you to view and track expenses from anywhere using a computer, phone, or tablet. Sort or filter case expenses and expand or reduce your view to quickly see what you need to see.

Strengthen your financial health

According to our research, legal professionals spend an average of 7.7 hours each week tracking their billable hours. That’s almost an entire workday lost to busywork instead of productive time with clients.

Keep better records, control your finances, and protect your time with Filevine’s streamlined billing features.

Generate invoices with a single click

Save valuable time with Filevine’s streamlined invoice creation. Most invoices can be generated with a single click, while more complex invoices are easily handled by our powerful invoice management tools.

Track payments automatically

Filevine will automatically match payments made in the system to the correct invoice, keeping busywork to a minimum and simplifying your billing processes.

Send invoices directly from Filevine

Once an invoice is generated, it is immediately available to send to your client. Filevine Fax lets you send and receive invoices directly within your case management system. You can also send invoices via email, or print them for posting.

Manage billing processes firm-wide

Monitor payments and invoices with our billing control panel. Create, send, and review invoices for all of your clients in one place. You can also sort and filter your invoices to find what you need more quickly.

Integrate with top-tier accounting software

Filevine offers a robust accounting integration with Quickbooks through Filevine's Check Requests Portal, which intermediates between case managers and their accounting department.

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