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Empower your practice: automate tasks, boost efficiency, and focus on what matters most with Filevine's AI legal tool

Unlock the power of AI for lawyers with Filevine. Our innovative AI tools for legal professionals streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and deliver valuable insights. See how AI can transform your practice.
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Our newest AI features


Simplify the immigration process for your clients. AI parses your client's documents and populates accurate USCIS forms and questionnaires in up to 170 languages.

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Uncover hidden insights in seconds. AI extracts and summarizes key details from legal documents, boosting research efficiency.



Craft powerful demand letters in minutes. DemandsAI® works on its own or in tandem with Filvine to save time, increase accuracy, and expedite settlement success.

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Empower your legal research. AIBlocks lets you create custom prompts to uncover key insights from documents instantly.

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Get instant Filevine help anytime. SidebarAI, your friendly AI legal assistant, answers questions, helps you add notes and tasks, and provides informative case summaries.

Five reasons why you need AI in your law firm

Say goodbye to mundane tasks like document review and data entry. Filevine's AI handles them for you, freeing up valuable time for strategic thinking, client service, and honing your legal expertise. Focus on what matters most and empower your practice with AI for law.

automated tasks with AI and Filevine

Unlock hidden patterns and trends in your legal documents with AI-powered analytics. Make informed decisions faster, predict outcomes with greater accuracy, and give your clients a competitive edge thanks to powerful legal AI tools.

Analyze the data with Filevine and AI

Imagine delivering personalized attention while offering competitive rates. Filevine's AI automates time-consuming tasks, allowing you to connect with clients and understand their unique needs. Reduced workload translates to cost savings, which you can pass on to clients, making your services more accessible. Build stronger relationships, boost client satisfaction, and unlock a win-win scenario with AI-powered efficiency.

affordable services using AI

Extract key details and insights from contracts, agreements, and more in seconds with AI for legal documents. Save time on research, boost your understanding of complex cases, and impress your clients with your efficiency.

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Rest assured knowing your data is safe and secure with Filevine's integrated AI legal tools. State-of-the-art security protocols guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of all your client information. Operate with peace of mind and focus on what truly matters.

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Unlock legal document secrets instantly with AIFields

AIFields is your AI-powered solution to instantly analyze large amounts of legal documents and extract key insights in seconds. Stop struggling with "AI hallucinations" and gain reliable, accurate summaries you can trust. 

  • Reduce costs: AIFields reduces costs by over 75% by rapidly flagging inconsistencies, analyzing risks, and identifying strategic opportunities.
  • Make informed decisions: Instantly grasp key arguments, uncover hidden trends, and identify potential risks and opportunities within complex legal documents.
  • Reduce errors and omissions: Leverage AIFields' precision analysis to avoid critical errors and omissions, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your legal work.
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From dream to reality: How AI can empower immigrant journeys

Revolutionize your immigration® practice with Filevine's AI-powered ImmigrationAI®. This innovative tool, built for legal professionals and law firms, tackles the challenges of immigration® head-on.

  • Effortless Document Handling: ImmigrationAI® scans passports, college transcripts, sponsor letters, and more in 170 languages, extracting key details effortlessly.
  • Automated Form Completion: ImmigrationAI® pulls from your case files to generate precise answers for your clients’ USCIS forms, ensuring accuracy and reducing completion time.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: Stay informed and keep clients engaged with real-time updates on their application progress. ImmigrationAI ® tracks every step, giving you complete control and transparency.


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AI-powered demand letters help you win faster and close more cases

No more third parties, mysterious upcharges, or long wait times. With DemandsAI® you can generate high-quality, AI-enhanced demand letters in 15 minutes or less.

  • Effortless Efficiency: Craft compelling letters in 15 minutes, freeing up time for high-value tasks and client service.
  • Data-Driven Persuasion: Leverage AI to build stronger arguments backed by relevant facts and precedents.
  • Predictable Costs: No more hidden fees based on the complexity or number of edits required. With affordable per-case fees, your firm can scale without escalating costs.
  • Push Your Own Button: Don't wait on third parties for documents you need now.  Maintain full control of your drafting process, with unlimited revisions.
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Intersection of AI, Ethics, and the Law

Filevine Futurists: The ins and outs of the changing face of legal

Dr. Cain Elliot, Head Legal Futurist of Filevine, is joined by Alex McLaughlin, Filevine's Director of Product, and Megan Ma, Filevine's Legal Futurist to discuss the future of legal with AI and how it will impact attorneys and law practices.

Building the Future of Law: Reliable AI for Lawyers

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AI for Law, Built for Everyone! We fight against the threat of bias in our legal AI tools, ensuring our technology works for all legal professionals and their clients.

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Reliability and safety

Dependable Tools with Trusted Results. We deliver reliable and secure AI solutions that lawyers can confidently use for their legal documents.

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Privacy and security

Your Data, Protected. Our AI is proprietary and we safeguard client data with the utmost privacy and robust security measures, exceeding industry standards.

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Accessible AI, Empowering All: We build inclusive AI tools for all law practice areas, fostering diversity and equity within the legal field.

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Demystifying AI, Building Trust: We explain how our AI works in clear and understandable language. Our priority is transparency and trust.

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Responsible Innovation, Lasting Impact: We take full responsibility for the impact of our technology, working to ensure ethical AI practices for the legal industry.

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