The future of law is enhanced by AI

AI-powered legal tech can automate tasks, free up lawyers to focus on more important work and transform how lawyers work.
As AI continues to develop, it is likely to have an even greater impact on the legal industry. Lawyers who embrace AI will be well-positioned to succeed in the future.
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Our newest AI features


Simplify the immigration process for your clients through automated document parsing and accurate form and questionnaire generation — all in one place.
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Extract and summarize key information from your documents in seconds.


Save time and improve the quality of your demand letters by leveraging the capabilities of DemandsAI.
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Create unique prompts to summarize and extract valuable information from your documents in seconds. Coming Soon!
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Conversational AI-driven support through an AI chatbot that can have casual conversations about how to best use our product based on our Help Desk.

Five reasons why you need AI in your law firm

AI-powered tools can automate tasks such as document review, research, and data entry. This can save you time and money, and free you up to focus on more complex legal issues.
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AI can analyze vast amounts of data to identify trends and patterns that can help you predict outcomes with greater accuracy. This can help you make better decisions for your clients and give them peace of mind knowing that their case is in good hands.
Analyze the data with Filevine and AI
AI can help you automate tasks and reduce the cost of legal research. This can make legal services more accessible to people who might not otherwise be able to afford them.
affordable services using AI
AI can help you automate tasks, analyze data, and predict outcomes. This can free you up to focus on your clients and provide them with the attention they need.
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Rest assured that Filevine's fully integrated platform guarantees the safety and security of all your case data and documents with our state-of-the-art protocols. You can rely on our impeccable standards to keep your information protected at all times.
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Process and summarize documents in seconds

AIFields allows legal professionals to upload large amounts of documents and receive immediate insights generated by AI. This powerful new tool can help legal professionals save time, improve efficiency, and make better client decisions.

  • Improved efficiency: Work more efficiently by automating tasks and providing insights to make better, more strategic decisions.

  • Increased accuracy: Improve your work's accuracy by providing insights that help identify errors and omissions.

  • Time savings: Automate many tasks that are typically time-consuming for legal professionals, such as document review and case research.

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Transform the immigration process.

Filevine's AI-enhanced immigration tool streamlines the immigration process by automating tasks, reducing typical errors, and ensuring accuracy. Utilizing your existing case information and client documents, ImmigrationAI scans and extracts key details, compiles crucial information, assists in completing USCIS forms, and tracks your client's form completion progress.

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Generate demand letters in a fraction of the time.

DemandsAI is a solution enhanced by AI that assists law firms in preparing demand letters with greater speed, accuracy, and persuasiveness. By integrating with Filevine, DemandsAI offers a consolidated platform for all case documents and resources, minimizing the possibility of human error and guaranteeing that nothing is overlooked when composing a demand letter.

  • Leverage AI to win more cases

  • Quality assured by legal industry experts

  • Leverage AI to win more cases
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Intersection of AI, Ethics, and the Law

Filevine Futurists: The ins and outs of the changing face of legal

Dr. Cain Elliot, Head Legal Futurist of Filevine, is joined by Alex McLaughlin, Filevine's Director of Product, and Megan Ma, Filevine's Legal Futurist to discuss the future of legal with AI and how it will impact attorneys and law practices.

Filevine is dedicated to building systems and solutions that lawyers and legal firms can rely on.

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AI systems should be fair and non-discriminatory. This means that they should not make decisions that disproportionately impact certain groups of people.
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Reliability and safety

AI systems should be reliable and safe. This means that they should be able to perform their intended tasks without causing harm to people or property.
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Privacy and security

AI systems should protect the privacy and security of the data they use. This means that they should not collect or use data without people's consent and should take steps to protect data from unauthorized access or misuse.
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AI systems should be inclusive and accessible to everyone. This means that they should be designed and developed with the needs of all users in mind, regardless of their age, race, gender, disability, or other factors.
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AI systems should be transparent and understandable. This means that people should be able to understand how AI systems work and how they make decisions.
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AI systems should be accountable. This means that there should be clear procedures for holding those responsible for developing and deploying AI systems accountable for any harm caused by their systems.

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