Other Use Cases

While we started in the legal market, we have clients in all sorts of industries. An “operating system” is a set of tools that allows you to deliver work products more efficiently and effectively.

We are a good fit if you want to:

Have lead and project management all in one system

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Track prospective customers and manage their work outputs all in one integrated system.

Generate and search documents

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Create custom or templated documents that are editable, collaborative, and immediately searchable.

Centralize team communication from anywhere

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Communicate with your team, keep clients updated and collaborate outside parties—from wherever you are.

Standardize processes

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With task flows and configurable deadline chains, use our software to track and act on your next deliverable.

Watch over and analyze your business

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Everything in Filevine is reportable. Create custom reports to answer any question you have about your business.

We can accelerate the process by which your organization works and the beauty of Filevine is: we are custom built to your processes. Let’s see if we can help you! Contact us to speak with a product expert about your unique work.

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