SALT LAKE CITY, UT – As technology transforms the legal landscape, the need to equip professionals with new skills becomes increasingly crucial. Seeing this urgency, legal technology leader, Filevine, launched Filevine University (FVU) to help users more effectively utilize their legal software, streamline their workflows, and manage their legal processes from lead intake to resolution. 


“In the practice of law today, understanding how to leverage legal technology is as essential as critical inquiry and problem solving. The skill-building of legal professionals needs to evolve to include legal software adoption,” said Natalie Hannapel, Filevine’s Director of Customer Education. “This is where Filevine University comes in.”


Traditionally, Filevine has relied heavily on implementation consultants, customer success managers, webinars and support documents to train its customers. As Filevine’s product and client base expand, FVU offers another layer of support. Learners benefit from a variety of self-guided and interactive learning methods in each course, such as tutorials and quizzes, as well as discussion boards and downloadable support resources to supplement learning and leverage engagement.


“As Filevine’s product capabilities and clientele continue to grow, so must the opportunities for learning and development within the platform,” said Kendal Anderson, Filevine’s Director of Partner Enablement. “This certification program will help build the capacity of Filevine customers and partners in a more sophisticated way that better reflects our growth as a company.” 


Curriculum Built for All Knowledge Levels


Filevine offered early access to the FVU curriculum and issued its first certifications at their annual user conference, LEX Summit, in February 2023. Over 700 attendees joined Filevine for LEX Summit Basecamp training and 220 individuals were Filevine Basecamp Advanced Certified, indicating that they completed the first two training assessments.


Since then, the FVU curriculum has expanded to include seven distinct badges that can be earned by advancing through the courses. Courses range in complexity from front-end user training to more advanced maintenance and optimization of Filevine, and vary in length, with most learners completing a given course within three hours.

The FVU curriculum is accessible to all Filevine customers and partners, thus improving access to best practices, underutilized resources, and insider secrets. The curriculum was designed with a range of ability levels in mind. Content ranges from foundation-setting insights for those with little to no previous knowledge of Filevine’s product capabilities to “Filevine Masterclasses” for more seasoned Filevine administrators looking to become experts.


In the Professional Certification, Filevine’s basic training offering, users learn how to navigate Filevine’s various tools and become more efficient in their daily tasks. Users first are introduced to Filevine projects, calendars, documents and activity feeds, then learn more advanced tools, including how to analyze their data with reports, deepen their use of project tools, and expand their organization’s external communications.  As users progress through the lessons, they’ll learn how to improve the daily workflows of their organization with deadlines, task flows, and customization and how to manage their organization’s data, permissions, and resources.


Scale Employee Development and Enable Digital Transformation with FVU


With FVU, users are able to more efficiently and comprehensively train new team members on the platform, receive product updates, and learn advanced functionalities. Leveling up one’s team and integrating Filevine’s tech stack into daily workflows becomes less obtrusive as users can access course content at their convenience, easily track progress, and enroll in multiple lessons simultaneously.


FVU is now available via SSO on your Filevine portal. Click here to learn more about Filevine University and join the thousands of users already earning their certifications to better power their business. 



About Filevine


Filevine is changing the way legal work gets done for law practitioners and their clients. As the leading legal work platform, Filevine is dedicated to empowering organizations with tools to simplify and elevate complex, high-stakes legal work. Powering everything from document management and client communication to contract lifecycle management and business analytics, over 25,000 legal professionals use Filevine daily to deliver excellence in every contract, deadline, and result. Filevine is recognized on the 2022 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and Utah Business Fast 50 lists, is a 2022 Top Workplace USA winner, and is among the fastest-growing companies on the Inc 5000 list.