How this firm grew nationwide with Periscope and Filevine

Specific cases require specific case management. Learn how this firm grew case sign ups and total case value over 20%.

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Location: Florida, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Virginia

Practice Areas: Personal Injury

As the founder and managing partner, Michael Brevda is hyperfocused on growing his practice while maintaining unparalleled client satisfaction. From a single office in Florida, the firm has now expanded to over nine offices across the East Coast, with 13 employees. In their niche market of nursing home negligence and elder abuse, Filevine helps the firm operations from lead management to intake to verdict.

The Challenge

Client satisfaction is the ultimate metric of success at Senior Justice Law Firm. To them, this means more time to focus on the things that matter: investigating cases, achieving justice for clients, and preparing for litigation. They were searching for a new case management solution that was easy to use to streamline work and shift focus to delivering the results their clients expect.

As a legacy user of Trialworks, Michael knew his firm needed a different solution to manage their caseload. Trialworks was static with little to no customizations options available. This lack of flexibility left unnecessary and unused information in case files causing a clunky and messy workspace.

50% increase in efficiency

Expanded cases by 25%

Increased case value by 20%
I don’t bill by the hour. I don’t do mass torts. I have a niche nursing home abuse firm. In Filevine, I can go in and personally change my information fields. We’ve developed customized workflows. All the inputted information is tracked and monitored to improve our internal firm procedures. We aggregate intelligence, testimony, and staffing levels on nursing homes across the U.S. and incorporate it into each case. This ensures we are better, smarter, and faster than our adversaries on the other side. Because of Filevine we are able to leverage technology to give us this competitive edge.”

Filevine and Periscope enable the firm to save time and money while optimizing its workflow. Since implementing Filevine, they have expanded their caseload, increased case value and are equipped with data on which cases to accept or decline.

How Filevine has optimized Senior Justice Law Firm operations

  1. Customize workflows from end to end. The team at Senior Justice Law was frustrated with their inflexible, legacy software that did not match their practice. With Filevine they can customize their workflow to ensure that only relevant data and information are attached to each case. Gone are the days of clicking through or scrolling over inapplicable data points.

    It is night and day between my old system and Filevine. The old system was clunky and felt like a 1990s program. With Filevine, I can go in and update areas without having any developer knowledge. It is extremely easy to use.”
  2. Expand caseload. With the customized system, Senior Justice Law has taken on 25% more cases per attorney. They work quicker, which ultimately allows them more time to spend on things that matter, like preparing for litigation.

    Being able to build out a unique operating core for my firm from intake to resolution has really helped us streamline the life of a case.”
  3. Utilize data to inform decisions. Periscope reporting has fundamentally changed the way Michael runs his business. With a collection of data from all cases the firm has worked on, he can triage cases deciding which to accept or decline.

    Every lawyer knows which cases to take, but knowing which cases to reject helps you maintain a viable business. Periscope brings our case data to life.”
  4. Upgrade to a modern solution without disruption. Like any great leader, Michael had his team on his mind when evaluating potential solutions. He knew he needed a customizable program but one that wouldn’t overwhelm his staff. What motivated him to go with Filevine was the quick-response chat support.

    I needed something that my team was comfortable with. Everyone is scared of change, and I wanted a new solution with as minimal disruption as possible. The live chat is amazing. It has really helped my team through our transition.”
  5. Increase firm efficiency. Ultimately, the collective benefits of Filevine have increased the firm’s efficiency. From expanded caseloads to data-driven case acceptance, Senior Justice Law thrives with Filevine. They were able to implement Filevine while remaining agile and always keeping clients as the priority.

    We are batting close to 1,000 with Filevine. It is easy to use, it’s customizable, and it saves time. I am always recommending Filevine to anyone that is looking for a new case management platform.”

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