How one mass tort attorney quintupled her caseload using Filevine

Why Amber Pang Parra chose Filevine out of 24 different options to streamline her work

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Year Founded: 2013

Location: Texas: Austin, Round Rock, and San Antonio

Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Immigration, Mass Torts, Veterans Law

Amber Pang Parra is the attorney that handles mass torts, immigration, and veteran law practice at Justinian & Associates, but it wasn’t always that way. When Amber started, her caseload only focused on mass torts. Since implementing Filevine in 2016, she’s streamlined work to expand the practice and increase her caseload while remaining the only attorney in her division.

The Challenge

As the only attorney handling mass tort litigation at Justinian & Associates, Amber Pang Parra needed a solution to streamline case preparation and client communication. She struggled to maintain her travel schedule, case documentation, and onboarding of support staff.

Amber shares that she held most case information in an “internal knowledge” bank in her head. Due to this, the incoming support staff faced a steep learning curve. Additionally, time spent getting new employees working autonomously took months of her time.

After evaluating 24 different solutions over six months, Amber chose Filevine as the best fit for her needs. Producing top-tier work is essential for Amber to maintain her stance in the market. Filevine allows her to onboard support staff quicker, with an optimized workflow where everyone is on the same page. Enhanced reporting enables Amber to track metrics which provides room for an expanded caseload with maintained costs. To Amber, Filevine checks all the boxes.

Maintains a one-attorney division with increased caseloads through efficient workflows

Increased caseload 5x with Filevine

Saved 60k in medical records requests in one year

Managing the (mass) workload of mass torts with Filevine

  1. Maintain high-touch service. Acknowledging that frequent communication with clients is essential for mass tort practitioners, Amber can contact clients regularly via their preferred method—whether that’s text, email, or a letter.

    Using the task flow feature on Filevine, I can bulk generate letters, texts, or emails to contact each case every 30 days, at minimum.”
  2. Remove commercial record providers. Using Filevine’s document generation and task flows, Amber requests HITECH client records automatically, saving time and client expense.

    The first year, we saved over $60,000 in medical record requests after we transitioned from using a commercial records service to managing it in-house.”
  3. Organize complex relationships. Mass tort litigation is complex. Between referrals, joint ventures, fee sharing, and more, there’s a lot to keep track of. Filevine helps to store information, generate documents, track the budget, and assist with decisions around firm resource allocation.

  4. Grow business. Filevine grows with you. With increased productivity from Filevine, Amber expanded into new practice areas taking clients in veteran and immigration law. With a deep understanding of Filevine, she isn’t worried about a static system that doesn’t fit her different docket needs. She knows that Filevine will expand with her as she grows her docket.

    Filevine grows with us. We’ve added veterans law and immigration work—I know I’ll easily be able to adapt our system to handle new work and requirements.”

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