How this firm grew during COVID-19 with Filevine

How the right technology helped this top-level trial firm adapt and grow during a global crisis and increase caseload by 25%

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Year Founded: 2005

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Number of Staff: 51

Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Solutions: Lead Docket, Filevine

Matt Granda started at Claggett & Sykes as a Law Clerk while in school. Now, as the Managing Partner, Matt has helped the firm scale operations and adapt to COVID-19 to better serve their clients and community.

The Challenge

Claggett & Sykes was founded on a belief that people matter and is dedicated to serving their clients and community, especially during crisis. They needed technology to help them quickly adapt to the needs and challenges that arose in 2020 during COVID-19.

Using a team approach, Claggett & Sykes has recovered over $250 million for their clients. The firm needed to maintain the same top-notch level of care while embracing remote work.

Using Filevine and Lead Docket enabled them to have 100% remote new hire onboarding, a safe intake process for new clients, entirely digital case collaboration, and seamless client communication.

Increased caseload by 25%

Transitioned to 100% remote work during COVID

During COVID-19, scaled attorneys and supporting staff from 27 to 51
We joined Filevine in 2017 after switching from Needles. With Needles you would have to be in the office to really access it or use it. The VPN or remote login never really worked and it crashed all the time. If we wanted to collaborate on cases, we’d have to print out a list and meet in person.””

With Filevine, all case collaboration and client communication happens in one place - with Filevine’s unique threaded conversations. Now the team can stay in sync on every case whether they’re working from the office or from home.

“I don’t know what we’d do without a cloud-based system like Filevine.”

Another huge benefit of Filevine was the ability to remotely onboard new team members. With adding 9 attorneys and 15 support staff during COVID-19, it was critical for the team to refine and define the firm’s work in one place so that everyone knows their job and their role.

Filevine has been an incredible one-stop-shop for getting new hires up to speed on how the firm works. Filevine is a huge part of training and onboarding. We spend pretty much an entire day going through the system with new hires. Usually the legal industry is so slow to adapt and change and now you have to, to succeed as a business.””

Reimagining New Client Intake

COVID-19 has changed the way law firms interact with new clients. Replacing in-person meetings with online chat, video conferencing, and phone calls requires seamless client communication and constant updates. Claggett & Sykes pivoted to new processes including:

  1. Website changes to communicate COVID-19 precautions

  2. Online case evaluation submission

  3. 24/7 online chat option where clients can chat with a live person and submit information

  4. Free phone or video conferencing consultations

  5. Convenient e-signature as a safe and convenient way to sign documents

  6. Constant client communication checkpoints to ensure every client gets the updates and information they need

Text messaging and emails to clients within Filevine has been huge because it eliminates the risk of forgetting to reach out to a client to provide updates. We’ve gotten great feedback about this improved experience from our clients.””

Claggett & Sykes uses Filevine & Lead Docket to ensure a new client has the best experience possible with automatic text messaging, drip campaigns to follow up with leads, and phase change notifications. This ensures a client knows what to expect, what happens next, how long the process should take, and where their case is at.

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