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How this firm grew nationwide with Periscope and Filevine

As the founder and managing partner, Michael Brevda is hyperfocused on growing his practice while maintaining unparalleled client satisfaction. From a single office in Florida, the firm has now expanded to over nine offices across the East Coast, with 13 employees. In their niche market of nursing home negligence and elder abuse, Filevine helps the firm operations from lead management to intake to verdict.

Teddy, Meekins & Talbert

Teddy, Meekins & Talbert is based out of a southern plantation-style house that used to sit on 500 acres of farmland. But the tranquil setting houses a firm of great complexity and diversity. These attorneys bring together a wide range of practice areas, including personal injury, family law, and criminal defense. They are able to provide a wide range of services to their community. But their diversity brings its own challenges to managing their practice.

How CPLG quadrupled revenue with Filevine

Century Park Law Group was founded five years ago, but its founders have much longer histories as trial lawyers. Sam Tabibian, Sahm Manouchehri, and Robert L. Booker combined their decades of wisdom and experience to create a firm focusing on improved client care throughout the personal injury lawsuit process. One promise they make to clients is to seek out the best technology available to streamline case processes for staff and clients alike.

Connecticut Trial Firm

<p>Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC, tripled their case load through law firm automation. With smart reports and task management, they manage more staff with fewer hang-ups. They make it happen with Filevine.</p>

Reimagining Public Defense with Modern Case Management

Founded in 1993, the Utah County Public Defender Association provides legal defense services to indigent individuals facing charges. The non-profit organization fulfills the Constitutional right to an attorney for citizens of Utah County. Josh Esplin, Chief Counsel and Trial Attorney at the association, shares why Filevine’s customization fits the niche of public defense.

How Brauns Law saves $250k per year with Lead Docket

David Brauns, founding partner, operates Brauns Law in Duluth, Georgia. At his firm, David focuses on personal injury cases, specifically car accidents, trucking accidents, and wrongful death cases. Brauns Law is a boutique firm where David strives to provide top-tier customer service to his clients. With a background working for insurance companies and as a software engineer, David’s deep technical knowledge helps him leverage technology to guide the growth of his firm.

How CT Trial Firm expanded its workforce 7x with Lead Docket

Ryan McKeen is the founder and managing partner of personal injury firm, Connecticut Trial Firm (CT Trial). Attorneys at the firm consider themselves native users of Filevine and Lead Docket because they were some of the first clients of both solutions. In 2020, CT Trial expanded from two to 14 people and has its goals set on even more growth. Managed by Ryan McKeen and Andrew Garza, CT Trial aims to help and empower those that are wrongfully injured.

How one mass tort attorney quintupled her caseload using Filevine

Amber Pang Parra is the attorney that handles mass torts, immigration, and veteran law practice at Justinian & Associates, but it wasn’t always that way. When Amber started, her caseload only focused on mass torts. Since implementing Filevine in 2016, she’s streamlined work to expand the practice and increase her caseload while remaining the only attorney in her division.

Lead Docket increases lead conversions at Whitley Law Firm by 49%

Whitley Law Firm represents personal injury cases with their team of over 40 employees in North Carolina. As a self-described boutique firm, they focus on providing top-tier service to every lead that contacts the firm.

How this firm increased daily staff activity by 133%

Partner of Leopold & Associates, Jason Brooks represents clients and enjoys being the Filevine guru of the firm. A multi-state firm, Leopold & Associates represent mortgage servicers, banks, noteholders, and investors. They’re a leader in their field as one of the largest loan servicers in the nation.

Why Filevine is the case management system of choice for an established firm of 70 years

Bob DeRose, the managing partner of Barkan Meizlish, LLP, started his career in 1991. Representing clients in workers’ compensation cases, Bob took his first wage and hour case in 2005 and “fell in love with the practice.” As one of the first firms in Columbus to implement computers, Barkan Meizlish, LLP has been at the forefront of technology to ensure they provide the best service to clients.

From Big Law to Solo Practitioner: How Blade Injury Law Recovered Over $5.2 Million in Case Settlements

Blade Thompson founded Blade Injury Law in Atlanta, Georgia. Before venturing into solo practice, Blade worked as an associate at a large firm in Georgia. Licensed in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, his firm concentrates on personal injury litigation and specializes in traumatic brain injuries.

Lead Docket and ApexChat: The key to increasing lead conversion at Trantolo & Trantolo

Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC is a personal injury law firm located in Hartford, Connecticut. The team offers a variety of plaintiff-side services, with a strong focus on single-event personal injury.

Solo Practitioner Saves 30 Days on Settlement Disbursement with Vinesign

Grimmett Law Firm was founded in 2005 by David Grimmett, a newly minted attorney with ambitions to become a successful trial lawyer. Growing from a small one-room office in downtown Nashville to two locations in Nashville and Cool Springs, David built his reputation on legal knowledge, trial expertise, and a willingness to do anything to help his clients.

Gluckstein grows his firm amidst COVID thanks to Filevine

Doubling case value and tripling gross income with Filevine

Firm founder Ryan Sargent shared with us how Filevine resulted in dramatically improved case quality and increased the average settlement per case.

Personal Injury firm shifts Covid-19 challenges into a competitive advantage with Vinesign

The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb is a personal injury firm located in West Palm Beach, Florida. With innovative solutions like shifting to digital operations for signatures in 2020, the firm continues to find efficient and innovative ways to serve clients using the latest technology.

How to run your law firm like a tech company: Filevine and Vinesign

M&Y Personal Injury Attorneys is a California-based firm co-founded by Nick Movagar. Their mission is to champion and defend individuals who have been hurt or killed by the negligence of another party.

Hacking Immigration Law + Filevine = Growth

<p>Hacking Immigration has a team of 30 employees located in North and South America. They represent immigration cases seeking asylum or assistance with citizenship or visas. Jim Hacking (immigration lawyer) and Juliana L&oacute;pez (project manager) share the benefits of incorporating Filevine into their internal systems to help manage the firm&rsquo;s growth.</p>

How this firm grew during COVID-19 with Filevine

Data-driven decisions with Filevine

Doubling your case capacity in the cloud

Providing elite client service while scaling in a regulated industry

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