As a legal professional, you're already wearing a lot of hats. You don't have endless hours in your day to manage intake forms, coordinate follow-ups, and keep a close eye on how all of your different marketing efforts are performing. You’re a lawyer. You need that time to do the needed work product to effectively represent your clients.

Fortunately, the right tools can help you grow your law firm — without adding more non-billable hours of work to your already-busy day.

Harnessing the power of CRM and marketing analytics

One of the most impactful marketing tools a law firm can have is marketing analytics software that provides attribution data. With CallRail, is easy to learn which marketing tactics yield results by tracking the source of your phone calls and form submissions. When combined with LeadDocket, your leads are managed through to conversion so you can efficiently gather their information, simplify your intake, nurture relationships, and bring on more paying clients.

Both tools are powerful assets for your law firm — and when used together via direct integration they take your law firm to the next level. The integration allows you to track the attribution of marketing sources by associating each CallRail number with the appropriate marketing and contact sources. Put simply, you'll see all of your leads and their marketing sources directly within Lead Docket.

Legal martech stack: How marketing analytics and CRM fit in

The marketing technology stack (often abbreviated to martech stack) is the full roster of tools and platforms you use to market your law firm.

This includes everything from your email marketing software and social media scheduler to your content management system and task manager.

Two critical pieces of a martech stack every law firm should have are a marketing analytics platform and legal customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics refers to collecting data from all of your marketing efforts and then analyzing it to understand which campaigns and strategies are generating results — as well as which ones are falling flat.

CallRail is a marketing analytics platform that combines call tracking and form tracking to provide insight about where interested prospects are coming from, whether it's a PPC ad, social media advertisement, a billboard, a radio commercial, or something else.

CallRail takes the guesswork out of determining which marketing efforts deserve more time, attention, and dollars. Marketing analytics empowers you to make informed, data-backed decisions so that you can invest in the marketing efforts that are making the biggest impact for your law firm.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a process, but the term also refers to the specific platform or technology you use to — you guessed it — manage your relationships with your customers.

That includes collecting and organizing leads, coordinating communication with those prospects, and generally tracking anything and everything that happens on their journey from interested potential customer all the way to paying client.

Lead Docket by Filevine as your Legal CRM in addition to lead conversion software. When a prospect takes action, their information is sent to Lead Docket along with tracking information attached. From there, you can automate communications and task flows to foster that relationship and convert the lead to a client.

The Benefits of Combining Marketing Analytics with your CRM

Could you opt for only a marketing analytics platform or only a CRM? Sure.

But harnessing both tools together is the far more efficient and effective way to go.

Improved Lead Generation

Combining marketing analytics with your CRM takes the guesswork out of which marketing efforts are producing results.

When using CallRail and Lead Docket together you can easily see the marketing source details of all of your contacts along with helpful reports and visualizations.

With the integration you will receive insight into which marketing strategies are generating the most leads in addition to reports on which ones are generating the most high-quality leads that eventually turn into clients. As a result, your firm can focus more time, energy, and dollars on the campaigns and tactics that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Better Client Experience

Generating leads is one thing — but once you have their interest you need to establish rapport, build trust, and forge a relationship. You can’t do that with generic messaging, sporadic follow-ups, or forgotten contacts.

With CallRail and Lead Docket, you can streamline your client intake to remove any barriers that potential leads might face. Customized call flows and routing provide the personalized experience that your prospects crave, as well as automated follow-ups to ensure leads never slip through the cracks.

The right tools give you the visibility and organization you need to make every single lead feel like they are your sole focus.

Streamlined Workflows

Integrating CallRail and Lead Docket has benefits for your internal team too.

No more hopping between tools, scrolling through messy spreadsheets, or doing redundant work. By integrating your marketing analytics and your CRM platforms, everybody in your law firm can see the information they need in one intuitive, centralized place.

Level-Up Your Law Firms Marketing

Effective marketing isn't just about getting in front of more prospects — it's about converting them to a paying client.

The right tools (and integrations) make the process seamless.

CallRail and Lead Docket will give you insight into your most impactful marketing efforts so that you can focus on the efforts that generate results and keep your law firm moving in the right direction.

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