Many law firms have invested a small fortune into branding their phone numbers. But clients today want to connect through texting. Consider the following comment one of our users spotted on facebook:

We are pleased to announce that Filevine has entered an agreement with all major telecoms in the USA to accept all SMS traffic sent to phone numbers owned by our clients. In other words:

You can now send and receive texts from your business landlines.

With over 560 billion text messages sent every year in the USA, odds are that people have already tried to reach your business through texting.

Call your customer service representative to set up texting on your business line today.

How does it work?

Using your text enabled business line is the same as any other texting number in Filevine. You choose the project you want set up with the office phone number. We can even configure it so that texts to your business number are sent to your “mailroom.”

What is the Mailroom?

You’ve probably noticed the “Mailroom” link on your menu bar.  Your mailroom serves as a “catch all” for emails and text messages, and allows you to distribute them to the appropriate case or project.

Think of the Mailroom as “organization-level messaging.”

If you aren’t sure what project is the best fit for a certain email or text, you can send it to the mailroom. From there, the message can be sent to the appropriate case file, or responded to immediately.

As always, you can speak to your customer care representative for help using or setting up the mailroom.