The best teams are those where accountability is the coin of the realm. When team members are responsible for what they say and do we can get rid of the “fly-ball” errors where all three go for the ball and none of them catch it.

Task ambiguity is every team’s worst enemy. Real accountability requires clarity about who does what and when it needs to be done. Real accountability requires clarity about what has been done, by whom and when it was done. Accountability can’t exist in the same space as ambiguity. Ambiguity stresses everyone out anyways- so get rid of as much as you can. We all need systems where everyone on our teams has a common consciousness meaning everyone on a given team has the same memory about what has happened and a unified vision of what is to come and who has to do what to bring make it happen. Questions need to be asked in front of the whole team, tasks need to be assigned and reported on in front of the whole team and everyone needs to be engaged.

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