Filevine Community

User Success. Radical growth. Excellence. These are the foundational elements of the Filevine Community.

We are a strategically aligned community of Filevine user advocates, service providers, software companies, and industry associations/groups with the shared passion for:

  • Driving greater success, efficiency, and effectiveness in legal entities across the globe
  • Supporting the overall growth and success of the Filevine Strategic Partners Network
  • Excellence in planning, performance, and partnerships.




User Advocates

If you are a Filevine user/customer who’s ready to share your Filevine experience with your friends, peers, and network – learn more about our exciting Influencer Program (Filevine’s exclusive referral program) – specifically engineered with benefits and other incentives for you and your entire firm. Ready to grow together?


Software Vendors

If you are a software company that’d be complementary to Filevine in driving great success amongst our legal entities – learn more about our tailored Partnership Program and connect with a member of our team for more details.


Service Companies (MSP)

If you are an IT services provider (outsourced IT, virtual IT services, MSP) that’d help Filevine customers achieve greater success with their software and hardware – learn more about our custom Partnership Program and connect with a member of our team for more details.


Advocacy Groups

If you are an association or body of industry professionals to support the needs of legal professionals across the country and globe – learn more about how we partner with organizations like you and connect with a member of our team to learn more.




More information coming soon.


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