Filevine’s integration with Slack makes working as a team, work. Improve team effectiveness through collaboration in Filevine combined with instant communication through Slack.

Slack + Filevine = Better Teamwork!

Filevine and Slack present the perfect duo for teams looking to collaborate more effectively. With quick communication tools through Slack and an integration that streamlines tasks within Filevine, it's never been easier to get work done together!

Stay on top of your tasks and deadlines with Filevine-Slack integration! Receive instant notifications for new assignments, so you never miss a beat. With Slack Notifications, text messages can be sent quickly between devices or platforms, ensuring activities are responded to promptly. Timely communication has always been challenging!

With Slack and Filevine, you can:

  • Never miss an important task or deadline again.

  • Let's you know you have a new to-do the moment that it is assigned.

  • Never miss a response or opportunity to respond with Slack Notifications and Filevine.