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Darren A. Miller

Founder / Senior Attorney
D Miller & Associates

Darren, originally from the UK, grew up in Katy, Texas. His Jamaican immigrant parents, worked hard to put themselves through college and expected the same from their children.

While in high school, one of Darren’s friend’s father, a lawyer, inspired him to go on to law school during a visit to his office. He was very impressed with the impact that lawyers were able to make on the world. The idea was planted and soon Darren was off to college.

He ended up receiving a full ride to Texas A&M and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. After college, Darren moved back to Houston to be with his family but also wanted to continue his education. He went on to St. Thomas University receiving an MBA with a finance concentration and then to law school at Texas Southern University.

While in law school, Darren interned for a Mass Tort Attorney working on a case involving psychiatric fraud.

The patients were abused mentally, physically, and emotionally, while their families paid the bill. The facility was doing this to countless families. Ultimately, the law firm was able to intervene and get justice for their clients.

For Darren, this case confirmed that he had made the right choice to go into law and he knew he would start his own firm.

15 years later, D. Miller and Associates, PLLC, is still fighting for justice for people who have been hurt.