Ringbird™ 24/7 Call Answering & Intakes

Specialized Legal Answering Services

24/7 Bilingual Coverage Based in the U.S.

What happens when your office misses a call during holidays and weekends? With Ringbird's call answering and intake service, you have the assurance that clients and potential clients are always met with a friendly and knowledgeable voice—no matter the hour.

Legal Intake

Virtual reception services that match your custom intake process

Our team’s mantra is “Empathy, Confidence, and Game Plan.” By keeping this mantra top-of-mind, we can give each of your potential clients the attention and care that they deserve. As an extension of your law firm, we will follow your team’s intake processes exactly to ensure the best possible first-contact experience for each new client.

Call Answering

A team of always-ready, always-friendly voices

The busiest schedule in the world could never defend you against the wrath of an ignored client. But providing clear lines of access can be difficult. Ringbird solves this problem by offering professional call-answering services, during the work-day or after-hours. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your clients will have the access they need.

Outbound Calling

From quick call-backs to extended outbound campaigns

No matter where a lead comes from, calling that lead back is crucial to conversion. But the average working lawyer has more on their mind than making call-backs. Ringbird side-steps this conflict by offering outbound lead-conversion. Within 5 minutes of receiving a lead, our team will begin outreach so conversion can occur as quickly as possible

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