Podcast: Bicycling Advocate

by Katie Wolf

on 13 December, 2018

Car collisions are the bread and butter of many personal injury attorneys, but today we talk to an attorney who has changed her focus from four wheels to two.

Ann Groninger from North Carolina is a co-founder of Bike Law, a national network of personal injury attorneys representing injured cyclists. There are now 66 million cyclists in the U.S. Cities and individuals are promoting bicycles as a feature of healthy, fun, and sustainable lives, but cyclists still face a higher risk of death and injury than drivers do. That’s where Ann and Bike Law come into the picture.

Ann has found that her cycling clients are special. Their needs and interests set them apart from car drivers, and she’s generously agreed to share her stories and thoughts today on the Filevine Fireside.

Learn more about Bike Law at their official website.

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