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What’s Our Role During the Demise of the EPA? We’ve written before about the potential of a future when auto accident cases may dry up, and the need to be thinking creatively now about your firm’s future focus. There are... Read More

Pollution and Plaintiff Law

Ryan Anderson 02 June, 2017
We hope you read our warnings about Kidnapped Computers and the new wave of highly sophisticated computer viruses. If you didn’t, here’s a run-down of the latest mayhem, and steps you can take to protect your practice. If you weren’t... Read More

Will Your Firm Survive the Next Ransomware Attack?

Nathan Morris 19 May, 2017
Canadian spammers are losing sleep and “battening down the hatches” in the weeks before July 1st. That’s the date when the final provisions of an anti-spam law go into effect, including the big boogey-man that most frightens unscrupulous bulk-emailers: a... Read More

Class Action and Spam

Ryan Anderson 12 May, 2017
This is a case study about twisting a company’s own restrictive language against it. But before we get to the details… Let’s talk bananas. Tropical fruit companies have a history of owning the land and controlling the politics of ‘third-world’... Read More

Case Hack: Use the Fine Print Against Them

Nathan Morris 04 May, 2017
We’ve written before that multitasking is a killer, but in the driver’s seat the metaphor becomes literal. New technology aims to cut down on distracted driving — and the information it gathers might prove invaluable in personal injury lawsuits. Texting... Read More

New Tech Alert: The Textalyzer

Ryan Anderson 28 April, 2017
With so many legal loopholes, how can attorneys hold airlines accountable? You’ve probably seen the cell phone footage by now: on April 9th, Kentucky resident Dr. David Dao was dragged, screaming and bloody, off a United flight. Though United CEO... Read More

Frequent Tortfeasers: plaintiff-side lawyers take on airlines

Nathan Morris 21 April, 2017