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Traumatic Brain Injuries and the fight against ‘Malingering’ I’m looking at a diagram of the human brain. In this picture it looks like a very wrinkly baseball mitt, cuddled up in the hard shell of skull. It is swaddled in... Read More

Becoming a Neurolawyer

Nathan Morris 08 September, 2017
What does the future hold for civil rights and labor lawyers?  The conflict we saw in Charlottesville bubbles up in a million different forms and discussions about free speech, discrimination, and the future of our country. One place where these questions are... Read More

3 Trends in Discrimination Class Actions

Chandler Willman 25 August, 2017
Seven Summer Updates in Privacy Law With all the summer’s buzz about leaks, you’d be forgiven for thinking data breaches are mostly a Trump story. But off the Hill, there’s plenty of turmoil over the issue of personal privacy. As... Read More

Data Wars

Nathan Morris 11 August, 2017
Class Action Woes As though it isn’t hard enough to wrangle together all the people harmed by a widespread practice into one multi-district litigation, the Supreme Court just made it harder to file and win class action lawsuits. The case... Read More

Is this the death of class actions based on state law?

Ryan Anderson 30 June, 2017
Bots in Law When I think of artificial intelligence in the legal world, I immediately hearken back to that epic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, when the android named Data is put on trial to decide if he’s a... Read More

What role will A.I. hold in your practice?

Nathan Morris 23 June, 2017
7 New Turns on the Arbitration Rollercoaster 1 .  Mandatory Arbitration Upheld in Nursing Homes On May 15th, the US Supreme Court ruled that mandatory arbitration agreements were binding in nursing home contracts, which were signed through power of attorney... Read More

Mandatory Update on Mandatory Arbitration

Nathan Morris 09 June, 2017