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The Best-Trained Lawyers Are the Least Confident. Here’s How We Can Fix It. The poet W. B. Yeats once bemoaned: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” The latest ABA TechReport shows how this... Read More

Top 10 Steps to Solve Legal Tech Self-Doubt

Katie Wolf 03 February, 2020
10 Ways to Make Your Writing Stronger One of the most notable film and literary portrayals of an attorney is Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Exhausted and worn, Atticus stands before the jury and delivers an impassioned plea... Read More

How to Write a Kick-Ass Brief 

C. Walker Harper 23 January, 2020
“I have an abundance mindset, I don’t have a scarcity mindset . . . in general, there’s plenty of money and clients to go around for everybody. I give all of my forms, all my tips, all my advice to... Read More

Embracing an Abundance Mindset with Tyson Mutrux

Katie Wolf 17 January, 2020
Every law firm has an “A-team.” These are the folks who can step into chaos, keep things moving ahead, and resolve problems in a prompt and satisfactory manner. These people are willing to pitch in when needed—their experience has helped... Read More

Do You Know the 7 Warning Signs of Staff Overload?

C. Walker Harper 07 January, 2020
Since its founding in 2015, Filevine has seen exponential growth—but no year has brought more than 2019. This year, Filevine has set a precedent in the world of legal software and cemented its place as an industry leader. In 2019,... Read More

2019 at Filevine: A Year of Growth 

Ryan Anderson 27 December, 2019
“Post the 2008 recession, a lot of law schools in America had to scramble. Even the Harvards and the Yales and the Stanford Laws had to go and reckon with decreased applications and potentially reduced enrollments.” Into that vacuum stepped... Read More

Podcast: Hamilton Chan & the Netflix of Legal Education

Katie Wolf 20 December, 2019