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Phone calls can bury any law firm. When we started the firm it seemed simple.  You get a call, you return the call. Keep the client happy. But those of us who have seen firms grow know that is not... Read More

Cut Down on Call Time with Filevine

Nathan Morris 16 December, 2014
You are Responsible for the Words that Come Out of Your Mouth. from Filevine on Vimeo. Grammarians report the latest tragedy in the War on Words. Because of frequent misuse of the word “literally,” dictionaries have added a definition. Now... Read More

Axioms for Efficient Firms #1: You are Responsible For the Words That Come Out of Your Mouth

Ryan Anderson 10 December, 2014
Real, coordinated collaboration is the key. Every second that you spend doing something that someone on your staff can do is a second you lost and paid for twice. The key is to identify the top performance level, the top... Read More

Accomplish More by Doing Less.

Nathan Morris 04 December, 2014
Listen- we all need to drop the fallacy of multi-tasking. It does not work. Multi-tasking reduces productivity by diminishing focus. Cycles (tasks) need to be completed. Don’t start a task you can’t finish. Don’t set a task that can’t be... Read More

Complete your cycles: Multi-Tasking is a Pyramid Scheme

Chris Smith 01 December, 2014
Filevine believes that accountability is the best policy.  The best teams are those where accountability is the coin of the realm. When team members are responsible for what they say and do we can get rid of the “fly-ball” errors... Read More

Accountability is the best policy

Chandler Willman 26 November, 2014