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You can see the color drain out of your co-worker’s face, his eyes wide in fear as he turns to you. He started sweating just ten minutes into the team meeting. He takes a deep breath and hacks out a... Read More

The Contagious Toxicity of Blame

Chris Smith 18 June, 2015
Denny Crane is a legend. A renowned attorney with over fifty years of experience who has never lost a case. He joyfully takes challenges head on, and has fought corrupt politicians, scheming corporations, racial discrimination, and put murderers behind bars.... Read More

The Astounding Reason 50% of Clients Hate Their Attorneys

Nathan Morris 05 June, 2015
Ever had one of those nights where you dream of outracing some assassin or dueling with your dream-world arch-nemesis — whoever that may be — and you wake up feeling more exhausted than you were when you lay down? As... Read More

Why Email Should Die (And How You Can Help Kill It)

Ryan Anderson 29 May, 2015
Meet Dilbert, the fictional main character of the comic strip, Dilbert. Dilbert is a white collar engineer hopelessly stuck in his office with incompetent managers who try, but comically fail, to bring about positive workplace structure. Out of thousands of... Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ruthless Meetings

Ryan Anderson 21 May, 2015
We spend a lot of time figuring out how to be more productive, how to organize our personal and work lives, and how we can complete our to-do list faster and more efficiently. We work hard, and by the end... Read More

Feel Great Today: Make An Accomplishments List

Nathan Morris 07 May, 2015
It’s a new day, you start out fresh and focused. Sitting at your desk, working away, when you feel the itch to check your email. A quick look wouldn’t hurt, right? You check your email; you have five emails you’re... Read More

Multitasking Is Bullshit

Ryan Anderson 29 April, 2015