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We’re excited to announce our integration with Primafact, leading litigation document management software. With this integration, litigators can now manage cases at the speed of Filevine and the power of Primafact! About Primafact Primafact is powerful document management for your... Read More

Filevine Now Integrates with Primafact

Ryan Anderson 09 November, 2017
Law firms nationally are reporting an unsettling trend: growing ranks of undead attorneys in all regions and practice areas. For years, rumors of ‘zombie software’ have spread through courtroom whispers and anonymous tips. But we now have several confirmed sightings... Read More

Beware Zombie Software Feeding on your Firm’s Brains

Ryan Anderson 31 October, 2017
I’m always harping on the value of referrals from current and former clients. But there is another source of referrals that is equally important: other attorneys. Often, people come to an attorney with problems that are outside of their jurisdiction... Read More

How to Get Referrals From Your Colleagues

Ryan Anderson 27 October, 2017
In 2009, Amanda Bonnen tweeted about her moldy Chicago apartment to her 20 followers. Her landlord, Horizon Group Management, responded in the only reasonable way: Sue her for everything she was worth. That’s right — rather than apologize or investigate... Read More

6 Steps to Manage Terrible Online Reviews

Ryan Anderson 25 September, 2017
In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, a disgusting human posted an array of trashy, mocking t-shirts on an AOL bulletin board (some of the less graphic include: “Visit Oklahoma . . . It’s a BLAST!!!”; and “McVeigh for... Read More

Could Websites Be Liable for Third-Party Posts?

Ryan Anderson 22 September, 2017
Guest post by Chris Smith, Co-Founder of Deep Magic Marketing — From record-breaking hurricanes and floods in the East to massive wildfires in the West, it’s been a hell of a year already. And with more storms brewing on the... Read More

After Disaster, Build Your Client-Base Rebuild Communities

Chris Smith 22 September, 2017