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Did you know Filevine could do this? Distilleries figured out how to produce hand sanitizer. Glass-makers started churning out ventilator parts. Hotels repurposed themselves into temporary hospitals. The COVID-19 crisis revealed our tremendous potential for ingenuity, as we found new... Read More

7 Filevine Secrets for Ultimate Lawyer Mobility

Katie Wolf 08 May, 2020
The Latest Class of Law School Grads Fights for Their Future We’re all doing our best with social distancing, giving up our social life, working remotely, and even giving others on the sidewalk wide berth as we pass. But now... Read More

COVID-19 v. The Bar Exam

Katie Wolf 16 April, 2020
The Impossible is Now Inevitable Beginning April 13, 2020, New York state will reopen its courtrooms to civil cases—virtually. Until now, many dockets have been frozen, with “nonessential” actions for pending lawsuits and criminal cases on hold. But with a... Read More

The Rise of the Virtual Courtroom

Katie Wolf 09 April, 2020
Dear Filevine Customers, In today’s challenging market, client experience is more important than ever. Potential new clients have a deluge of information and more options at their fingertips than at any time in the past. It’s no longer enough for... Read More

Lead Docket Joins Filevine

Ryan Anderson 03 April, 2020
As COVID-19 numbers start to grow, millions of people are currently adjusting to working from home. And that includes lawyers. We’re all moving through uncharted territory. Fortunately, many lawyers have been working from home for years, whether as satellite remote... Read More

8 Filevine Features That Make Remote Work a Breeze

Katie Wolf 26 March, 2020
  “By the time I got to my tenth year of practice, I was burned-out, depressed, anxious, and had a hard time finding any joy in life . . . I wanted to see if I could do it differently.”... Read More

Harnessing Positive Psychology with Martha Knudson

Kate Savage 20 March, 2020