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Focus, Jane, Focus I’ve had extraordinary mentors throughout my life. But the person who taught me the deepest secret of success is still learning how to speak. My daughter Jane spends six hours every day in therapy. Through play and... Read More

4 Ways to Radically Increase Productivity

Ryan Anderson 16 August, 2019
We live in a country that touts itself as the land of the free and the home of the brave. And yet we spend the majority of our waking hours in undemocratic workplaces where we fear retaliation for speaking out... Read More

Podcast: Fighting for the Workforce

Katie Wolf 02 August, 2019
If your client falls victim to a cyberattack, they’re not alone — and they’re not helpless. Here are practices that should be part of their Rapid Response. We’ve eradicated smallpox and nearly ended polio. But some viruses are only getting... Read More

13 Ways to Support a Hacked Client

Katie Wolf 29 July, 2019
Tips and tricks that will boost your referral fees and expand your network. Successful legal practices are built on skill, intelligence, great client service and a variety of revenue streams. One lesser-appreciated stream is case referral fees. Referring cases to... Read More

How to Make Better Client Referrals

C. Walker Harper 12 July, 2019
Prepare your team for the future with Legal Case Management Software As a young lawyer in a large firm, there were a lot of rules to follow. It seemed that one of the most important rules was this one: “When... Read More

Evolution of the Legal Machine

C. Walker Harper 05 July, 2019
As Patrick Arenz says, there are few jobs that can change another person’s life forever. But being a trial lawyer is one of those jobs. Patrick Arenz is a trial lawyer with the firm Robins Kaplan, working on patent and... Read More

Podcast: Heart of a Trial Lawyer

Katie Wolf 28 June, 2019