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Case management software can automate more than your cases. As long-time readers have probably noticed, we’re fascinated with the ways attorneys can automate their practice. We’re always looking for new ideas to get each step of a case cycle moving... Read More

4 Ways to Automate Your Legal Practice

Ryan Anderson 20 September, 2018
You may think of Estate Planning as a solid, dull, and conventional area of law, but we live in a time of unforeseen growth in our aging population. We live in a time where the very concept of family is... Read More

Podcast: Fighting for the Future

Katie Wolf 14 September, 2018
Fight information overload with Collection Views If you’re reading this on your computer, take a quick look at your tabs. How many do you have open? Are there so many squished together that you can’t even read their titles anymore?... Read More

Fight Information Overload

Katie Wolf 06 September, 2018
Client Portals bridge the gap between office and client. Many aspects of modern case management software have been developing for quite some time. They are the product of years spent working through inefficient solutions only to be left dreaming of... Read More

7 Powers of Client Portals

Ryan Anderson 30 August, 2018
Tools to find the optimal legal caseload You need a full caseload to ensure your law firm’s financial stability and long-term growth. But you also owe each client adequate time to represent them fully. On top of that, you need... Read More

Finding Your Firm’s Optimal Caseload

Ryan Anderson 22 August, 2018
Legal marketers need to write better tweets It’s 2018, and the world has gone digital. Plane tickets, hotel rooms, goods – anything and everything is only a few clicks away on the world-wide-web. Even legal services can be enlisted with... Read More

How to Write a Kick-ass Tweet

Michael Radford 15 August, 2018