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  We talk a lot about the future of the legal practice on the Filevine Fireside. But one thing we maybe forget is that the future of Law really belongs to future lawyers. We should be asking: who will the... Read More

Podcast: Accessing Better Legal Education

Katie Wolf 06 March, 2019
  Rapper Cardi B is mostly triumphant in a new commercial which tests her knowledge of the ’90s. She shines at the Macarena and rocks her slap-on bracelets. But when it comes to the fax machine, all she can do... Read More

Bring Online Fax Into the Future

Ryan Anderson 28 February, 2019
Tips for Paperless Productivity In 1944, the precursor to the CIA created a “simple sabotage” manual, teaching people how to debilitate the Axis powers from the inside. Along with tips to wreck highways and railroads, they gave this advice to... Read More

6 Top Timesavers for Law Firm Document Management

Michael Radford 22 February, 2019
The Age of Legal Project Management It’s a trendy term among top law firms. But what really is Legal Project Management (LPM)? And do you have to be an Am Law 100 firm to do it? The Allure of LPM... Read More

8 Steps to Better Case Management with LPM

Katie Wolf 15 February, 2019
Declutter your case management — and build a better law practice You move aside your cold mug of coffee to make room for your new cup of tea, using as a coaster a stack of case file folders which sprawl... Read More

Zen & The Art of Case Management

Ryan Anderson 01 February, 2019
4 tools to resuscitate the tradition — and breathe life into your practice While jury trials are increasingly rare, attorneys have also never been better equipped to win them. With the right case management tools, you can be prepared, confident,... Read More

Reviving the Jury Trial

Ryan Anderson 25 January, 2019