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The Truth About Email Disclaimers Email disclaimers are a touchy subject among some attorneys, and not without good reason. Many legal professionals are terrified to send emails without a lengthy disclaimer, feeling that they may open themselves up to harm... Read More

Let’s Have a Confidential Talk About Those Email Disclaimers

Ryan Anderson 26 June, 2019
How the right case management software can save you from malpractice Becoming an attorney is not easy. There’s always a lot of schooling, followed by a period of intense and rigorous studying to pass a bar exam. Fortunately, attorneys as... Read More

Avoid Malpractice Claims with Case Management Software

C. Walker Harper 21 June, 2019
Every NBA season breaks some hearts. But last year’s was particularly painful for Utah attorney Brian King. King was all set to submit his brief ahead of a midnight deadline. But then he paused to watch his beloved Utah Jazz... Read More

5 Dumb Reasons to Miss a Deadline

Michael Radford 14 June, 2019
What can Filevine’s Success Team teach us about legal customer service? We often talk about Filevine’s cutting-edge case management technology and exciting feature releases. But Filevine is more than a product — it’s also an entire team of people who... Read More

Commit to Customer Success

Mary Lyon 07 June, 2019
  When you talk to potential clients, do you connect with their fundamental hopes and fears? Or do their eyes glaze over? Does your website make potential clients excited, or does it leave them confused? Our guest today will share... Read More

Podcast: Feeding the Lizard Brain

Katie Wolf 30 May, 2019
Filevine Fusion is Revolutionizing Legal Work     Filevine users already know the power of automation to supercharge their practice. But now the next generation of case management automation has arrived. And you won’t believe what it can do. Another... Read More

Introducing Filevine Fusion

Ryan Anderson 24 May, 2019