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  Law is a demanding profession, especially for the young. It’s so demanding that these newbies switch jobs with alarming frequency. According to a 2017 report from the National Association for Law Placement, 44% of associates left their firms within... Read More

Best Practices If an Associate Leaves Your Firm

C. Walker Harper 02 July, 2020
  The Filevine Catalyst Summit is coming August 18th. Here’s how to make it—and other virtual events—a launchpad for your future. Psychologists have found that our reactions to emergencies go far beyond the “fight or flight” response. When we’re under... Read More

Top 10 Ways to Capitalize on Virtual Legal Conferences

Katie Wolf 26 June, 2020
Working remotely is nothing new; it’s actually how carpenters, blacksmiths, potters, and other skilled workers earned their living throughout most of our history—their workspaces were at home. The concept of a “designated workspace” came about during the industrial revolution with... Read More

Reducing Bottlenecks in Remote Work

C. Walker Harper 12 June, 2020
How Docs+ will make you love digital legal documents. Law offices have been moving toward digital documents for years now. But the COVID-19 pandemic might have struck the final death knell for paper-bound legal work. At a time when even... Read More

The Painless Move to Paperless

Katie Wolf 05 June, 2020
21 Steps for a Smart Transition COVID-19 shut down law offices around the world nearly overnight. Nobody expects the return to normalcy to happen that quickly. In many places, it’s still unclear when law offices will be allowed to reopen.... Read More

How to Create a ‘Return to Office Plan’ for Law Firms

Katie Wolf 15 May, 2020
Did you know Filevine could do this? Distilleries figured out how to produce hand sanitizer. Glass-makers started churning out ventilator parts. Hotels repurposed themselves into temporary hospitals. The COVID-19 crisis revealed our tremendous potential for ingenuity, as we found new... Read More

7 Filevine Secrets for Ultimate Lawyer Mobility

Katie Wolf 08 May, 2020