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Our guest today has worked in Big Law, a boutique firm, and now owns her own practice. She’s logged her billable hours and she’s figured out flat rates; she’s represented multinational Fortune 200 companies and scrappy startups. Our guest today... Read More

Podcast: “Owning It” in Trademark Law

Katie Wolf 27 November, 2019
Jesse “Big Daddy” Unruh, whom President Lyndon B. Johnson called “one of the most selfish men I’ve ever met in public service,” coined the phrase “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” This pithy apothegm has never been truer than... Read More

Donating to Judicial Campaigns

C. Walker Harper 22 November, 2019
5 tips to keep clients’ lives stable through law firm disruptions Gone are the good ole’-days when lawyers slowly worked their way up the ladder of one firm. This is the era of rapid transitions, where lawyers change jobs faster... Read More

Keeping Clients Happy in the Age of Lawyer Mobility

Katie Wolf 08 November, 2019
Escape information overload with OCR In 1821, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story warned of a growing problem: information overload in the legal field. “It is impossible not to look without some discouragement upon the ponderous volumes, which the next... Read More

OCR: The Next Level of Legal Information Management

Ryan Anderson 25 October, 2019
In our podcast interviews, we usually talk about new ideas and innovations in law. But today, we’re talking about a very old idea. And by old . . . I mean thousands of years old. But our guests today believe... Read More

Podcast: The Meditating Lawyer

Katie Wolf 11 October, 2019
New tools to give you more control, accuracy, and efficiency Here’s a non-controversial statement: lawyers generate a lot of documents. Reams, scads, acres of documents. They also devote much of their time to drafting, editing, sending, archiving, retrieving, and otherwise tending... Read More

The Beauty of Leading-edge Document Management

Ryan Anderson 04 October, 2019