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When a cup of scalding hot coffee fell into the lap of Stella Liebeck it sent her into shock as the liquid severely burned 16 percent of her body, including her thighs and vagina, which ultimately required skin grafts. The... Read More

Fighting Injustice or Crying Over Spilt Coffee? Why You Should Practice Plaintiff-Side Law.

Nathan Morris 17 June, 2016
Hey supervising attorneys: your staff evaluations might not be up to snuff. Consider this your first warning. Here are some ways to do it right: Typically an attorney goes into practice without dwelling on the fact that ‘practice’ includes all... Read More

Evaluating Your Evaluation: 5 Ways to Improve Your Performance Reviews

Ryan Anderson 20 May, 2016
Legal language was first born as an oral culture. Arguments, contracts, and judicial decisions — all the words that weave the practice of law, existed first in the voice and only later, as a derivative, in writing. When writing came... Read More

Write a Brief Worth Reading: 7 Tools to Kill Bad Legal Writing

Nathan Morris 06 May, 2016
Trial Date Set for Sandy Hook Lawsuit Against Gunmakers Embed from Getty Images In a landmark ruling, a trial date has been set for the lawsuit brought by Sandy Hook shooting victims against gun manufacturers Remington and Bushmaster Firearms. The... Read More

Legal News Roundup: April 22, 2016

Missie Frandsen 25 April, 2016
“It’s sort of like picking a doctor,” says Sharee Laidlaw. “Of course you want them to have a great education and experience, but also you need the personality to be a good fit. You spend so much time with them,... Read More

Speaking Paralegaleze: 8 Tips to Hire and Keep Your Perfect Paralegal

Ryan Anderson 22 April, 2016
‘Walking Dead’ Creator Sues to Kill Unlicensed Themed Restaurant Embed from Getty Images In Onion-esque news, Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman has asked a federal court in New Jersey to halt the building of a Walking Dead themed... Read More

Legal News Roundup: April 15, 2016

Missie Frandsen 15 April, 2016