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It’s no secret that Google Drive can make running modern law firms easier. But it can also complicate your team’s workflow. How can you ensure documents and files stay in sync across Drive, your case management software, and your team members?

The answer is Filevine.

With our new two-way integration, documents uploaded to Filevine can be automatically synced and organized in your Google Drive folders, and visa versa. That goes for updates, too – any changes made to a document in Google Drive orFilevine will appear in both places automatically.

With our Google Drive integration, you can:

  • Edit your documents using whatever service is convenient for you
  • Ensure synchronization of legal documents is accurate across your legal team
  • Easily access your files anywhere and any time, through a computer or a mobile device

Our two-way Google Drive Integration is still in Beta. To find out if you’re eligible for this service, contact


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